Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TextS ..

My mom recently learnt how to send texts. She had a friend with whom she shared texts very frequently . And after that it gradually decreased , as she had no one from whom she would receive messages and then forward them to me. Pretty complicated. So ditch.
The day before she forwarded me some jokes. And I replied her the courteous "haha" so that she's rest assured I read the joke and that it made me happy. Like other things related to me, she makes sure that if its safe , I'm in and if its risky , I'm out and if its crazy, I'm packed in a scold and blow away like air.
But that say what was least expected was her reply . She replied "you have the cutest smile in this world" .
I was stunned and shocked and very happy to read it.
Pertaining to the gloomy and tensed person I've recently turned into, she worries I will burst one day . Because things have been more than the usual rough I am accustomed to handle. I've been through a lot of insane things, but then I keep my calm always. But these days I've become a little edgy !
Nevertheless she got ample of moments while I was at home to calm and soothe me. And shut my tears and slap the accuses to comfort the silly 22 year old me.
 I do not tell her my worries , only because my craziness might confuse her of my intentions. But she proved me wrong by staying like she was. Like a shelter is , like a shield is.
So close she has been to my closeness , that she knows all whats buried inside . Still  never questions , just loves .
Sometimes all I want , is to hug her the whole day and stay near her.

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