Thursday, June 30, 2011


I write 
And I erase
Like the wind takes away
Some stationary clouds 
And their existence
Without leaving a trail
Unlike the erased words
Which choke after being erased
Still murmur after 
I remove them from my page

I struggle to puke my thoughts
Maybe they don't need this air 
Maybe they feel shy
Maybe they leave some of their friends inside
Inside a closed soul 
How will they sound perfect then ?
The fettered erased words 
Neither written , nor erased .

Friday, June 24, 2011

He. ....

He clutches issues
Like rain grips the earth
He hesitates while he asks a few abrupt things
Like the soul hesitates before breathing a sin
He says he is ignorant 
Like a carefree bird encircling the clouds at dawn
He says he has seen life fall apart , gather 
Both phases emerging like inevitable branches of a tree
He says he has dissolved past
Like a tornado that gulps peace
He says he can go on this way
Like he knows , what his will be story like .
Like he is ,  time himself .

Thursday, June 9, 2011

LoVe ...

To believe in Love is to be in love
When the fragile story moulds your mood
And you are upset because the hero couldn't nourish his dreams
When an eye brimming of Kohl stamps its darkness on your heart
A darkness where love will hide 
And light up the soul , to entrench meaning of its existence
The odd stranger smiles , and goodness wipes your agony over this mean world
How you wished , you never believed in this white page
A white page carved of mystery , insanity and goodness
A struggler meets life and loves to die for it
Till he breathes his last passion , standing and alive
How he wished , he could have hated the troubles his journey throws up
But then
Love would rip off every soul it rests in , and still be called 
Only love

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

150 posts old :) RanDom !

A few fresh drops is celebration 
A little downpour is wait
A bud beneath the porch is life
And a flower bloomed is survival

Never will the slog of the day , outshine , the ecstasy of the rain .

I guess some stains are only removed by universal tears .

I will drown , if you promise you will save me . I , like a two year old , still abide by my promises :)

The dashboard says I've turned 150 ! I'll beat every turtle on this planet ;) :P

Thursday, June 2, 2011

rEal ?

Do you know that my secrets 
Are open in my nerves
Some entangled on face
Some superficially blue
But all verbally red in my traits
My picture , unclear and painted
Is still raw , because I have lived less , in years
And lived more , in instances
My annoyance , released with my ink
And my love , feeding my poem
My sanity , in my mistakes
And my judgement , in my denials
Maybe someday, I will be , for real to the world
For now I'm happy to exist , only in your story