Monday, February 21, 2011

HoRiZon ..

Night slowly falls
and He sits besides words
And forages perfect ones
To suit the silence , to soothe uneasy nerves

He wonders what will her eyes be like
With a vision so clear , even he can gauge whats next
He swims in her eyes , will he survive?
He looks for a way , but plunges deep inside

He rests on her heart , rests on her soul
falls in love again , sinks in her muse again
He says she sees the world , with horizon in her sight

She creates a distance , when she looks back at him
Smiles with a known curiosity saying
The cloud is above the earth , horizon just moved on
And what is left is the distance , between two things that were together

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SimiLaritiEs ..

Our Similarities bring us to a common ground; Our Differences allow us to be fascinated by each other

I traveled miles in search of myself
I questioned the answers of my traits that were placed
They queued me in people-  like this and that
Until  I met you and came across who I am

I peep in your soul as I wander mine
Your hazy eyes tell , they haven’t been happy for a while
Let me hold your face in  between my palms
I feel this way safe , feeling your breathing and your calm

A mirror to my soul , I can undress you whole
I give up the need to know you more
You could have been a piece of strange fiction
But you are as real as my name , as same as my soul

Your eyes blue , my eyes green
Yet no difference in what we see
I also see a happy road
Till its you , till its we ! 

for Ritika :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A guy's diary entry ! part 2!

I zoomed my pulsar on this crowded road . We keep repeating this until we spot a smashing chick!
And since the week is known for being so romantic , we certainly wanted to have one girlfriend atleast ..focus on the atleast !
Suddenly we made a sharp turn , and a car slid in front of us and in commotion a rickshaw turned upside down and the road was jammed. The people passed us groans like we are the only ones to be blamed.
Men are always taken otherwise ! No benefit of doubt , never infact !
And there she was . In a salwar suit , at the golgappa shop !
An angel made in India . I lost my heart then and there . And I wanted to eat golgappa's till she leaves !
The pink on her looked so genuine and her kajal looked so unreal , I abused my friend twice to receive back the slangs again , so that I know that I'm not dreaming !
She raised her eyebrows looking at the traffic jam .
Had she not been there I would have slapped the car wala !
But only for her I left him there and parked my bike near the golgappa shop.
I opened my mouth as she lead the golgappa in and closed it when she was done. Only a few moments after , my friend thrashed  me to help me get out of this state .
"can't we have some golgappas too ? :( "
He made me realize that in order to do more bird watching we have been saving money and will certainly not waste on the golgappas!
dear diary !
I begin my plea here..
The turn of the road and the road jam was not accidental .
I swear on my pulsar and my glares .. she was aah :D
I have no words !

P.S boys will never have words ! specially when they fall in love ! :)

Happy V week ! hope u find someone !

Friday, February 4, 2011

dIsTanCes ..

Exists comfortably in the veil  , 
of commitments and connections
things are above time and mortality ? 
not something reality might conclude 

Reality might say 
distances are a need
And let the heart suffer 
under its natural greed
Reality might trust the damage 
caused by distances
Only to strengthen bonds 
crossing barbed wires and fences

Distances stay only because of silence
They stay when eyes are misread 
deepening the annoyance
They stay when heart aches 
that its words never got a chance
They live when the heart says 
a spark brought some one closer to me, and now its charm has gone . .