Friday, August 27, 2010

Courtesy NeeDs ..

The wind can caress my hair
Unlike it turmoils the storm
Need is different of the cloud and my comfort
settles in little times in which I claim to belong

The sound can soothe my day
Or create a mayhem never expected
Its necessity is different , in my name
a mob or a group can be the two names

The wait for longing will end or not
Or the wait is rather worth or not
I can watch the sunset even at dawn
need is different , for me and for all

The purity might vanish in the smoke of my rage
I might be ignorant towards my patient ways
The rain can wane my thirst to some extent
Needs are different for me and you
you might take a thing as dope
and I can call the same
as your name !

For the stories on needs told to me.. I feel there's nothing more needful.. than desiring a thing that you hated in  past !

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BirtHday Wish

It isn't easy being around when for someone you love ,when its just night that surrounds
Peace that refuses to sink in, at certain bad temper days
And people still promising you sunshine in the dark , and umbrella in rain
Chocolates when I'm nervous , enough to make them nervous!
With the 21 candles I burn , I wish life to treat me unburnt ... fresh ...
I need to learn still , to grunt , bark , and like humans these days , ignore ...
Gift me a mature T shirt ... If not a bent of mind !

Over with my 21.. there's just one thing I'm clear with.. I still need to grow up.. I'm still into esoteric dreams!!
For all those who bear with me when I'm unbearable 

Thank you !


Sakshi !

Monday, August 23, 2010

FallEn In PlaCe ....

Not always does the autumn leads to a fall
Its sometimes the urge to look above and beyond
A certain enigma runs through the place
It accepts my fall , in accordance to my height

I wish the level could define my colour
Or add few dying hues to make me stay there for long
The autumn near or far , is sure a reason of fear
But more dangerous is the fear 
Is loosing the nerve to stay there of all

Sometimes its important to look above and know
To find a new level
To head above and grow
To revive again and freeze
At the right place , like the melted snow

The ground took me with a sullen peace
Fallen like the autumn leave
Traveled the air in spiral weaves
rested on ground , full of unease ..

Friday, August 20, 2010

The running destination

With each tree pass
I saw my life reach another destination
Each person that passed my window
Seemed like a destined stranger

Of all the sounds that wanted to connect
Of people offering
And people denying
The truth seemed as vague as the distant road
To the destination , I was someone unknown

And sometimes it seems a caressed dream
Sometimes a thing beyond my reach
The sun sometimes gave me the darkest times
And sometimes rendered me its silk warmth to keep

There's a shining light of that place
That draws me towards it in the black nights and grey days
There's no reason to deny it has its own ways
One running destination and its race away from me 
I will catch it like my own, like sleep catches dreams !

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's a MattEr oF sImpLe wOrdS ....

Behind the bars of the thoughts that caged
I wandered in amazement of the curiosity they arouse
Above the restrictions of the silent eyes
I answered some , using the deserved words
I could not find a yes for a no
Or some that would carefully change
A goodbye to a welcome
I could only learn the art of negotiating
In between the lines , made of words
Of the curves that render some meaning of their own
Only a matter of simple words
Ond I'll slip into what you would want me to be ! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

AcceptEncE Of ImPeRfecTioN ....

Of the dry earth and the dirty sky
Of the random words and the related skepticism
Of the desired reactions and the attached expectations
I might fail to all of them
And might not be able to rise
For more than anything else I can realize
That you dearly accept my imperfection
And help me exist during the challenging times
Times when I'm nothing but a shadow
That will vanish at any moment
And leave no traces behind
And treat me like a rose
shielded in your petals