Monday, August 23, 2010

FallEn In PlaCe ....

Not always does the autumn leads to a fall
Its sometimes the urge to look above and beyond
A certain enigma runs through the place
It accepts my fall , in accordance to my height

I wish the level could define my colour
Or add few dying hues to make me stay there for long
The autumn near or far , is sure a reason of fear
But more dangerous is the fear 
Is loosing the nerve to stay there of all

Sometimes its important to look above and know
To find a new level
To head above and grow
To revive again and freeze
At the right place , like the melted snow

The ground took me with a sullen peace
Fallen like the autumn leave
Traveled the air in spiral weaves
rested on ground , full of unease ..


  1. crafted description.
    I wish to learn more abt other seasons as well from ur writing.
    keep it up

  2. I could have never thought about a fallen leaf that way! The waay you portrayed it's dilemma, just brilliant! Very nice!