Tuesday, August 3, 2010

AcceptEncE Of ImPeRfecTioN ....

Of the dry earth and the dirty sky
Of the random words and the related skepticism
Of the desired reactions and the attached expectations
I might fail to all of them
And might not be able to rise
For more than anything else I can realize
That you dearly accept my imperfection
And help me exist during the challenging times
Times when I'm nothing but a shadow
That will vanish at any moment
And leave no traces behind
And treat me like a rose
shielded in your petals


  1. A short but very sweet read! :)
    U knw, Imperfections are actually disguised reasons to celebrate! There was this random thinker named Ben Okri or whosoever, who once chanced upon something really nice - " Where there is perfection, There is no story to tell"..
    So pamper you imperfections, And keep sharing the stories! :)