Monday, November 28, 2011


Tales brewing with coffee.
Muse adjusted in paper and mind.
Your fall is not because of gravity.
And neither is your rise . 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Similarities .

Yesterday I met " A " . "A" is ambitious and professional . He is not like me , but is not very different either .
A lot of things are common between people  that are mean and people that are mild . I wonder then why is the "bridge of differences" so elaborated and talked about, where as if you see, the similarities are everything that matter when you connect with someone . He also has some dreams that sound silly to me . Some dreams picked from ashes that never found their way to the sky . Does that make him happy ? Yes . He has lived those dreams no matter what and he is happy . Does it make me happy ? I too have also lost my dreams on my way up , it makes me happy I was brave enough to carry them . He wears spectacles , he cannot see much without them . He can vaguely identify me as me , but identifying friends is not only about his clear vision. I also wear spectacles . I can identify him with vision and without vision . Does that make me better ? No . Do you ever mistake while identifying your mother , father or brother ? No. It's within. It never separates. "A" is shrewd at times . While I take my time to figure out a perfect sentence that can calm a shrewd person , I indulge in another thought. Where is this bitterness leading ? Leading to a short life span ? May be . But then a lot of sugar is harmful too. Paranoid , the world is paranoid . So much fear you see. I see , "A" sees . "A" also tries to be good sometimes and help people over come this paranoid trend. Does it make him less paranoid ? Yes . Does it make me less paranoid ? Yes . I hear stories of how his lift man worked extra hours while he was busy with his project to serve him coffee , tea and chit chat about his wife and kids in between . "A" makes friends with everyone . Does it make me friendly ? Yes I learn a lot . So we together conclude that no two people are different . We all have had ice creams in childhood and danced like the worst dancer ever, learnt to take a leap , learnt to fear , to go back , to forgive and forget. We are experts in being human . Does it make me more human ? Yes .
So the next time you meet someone whom you find weird - freakish - not so sober . Get to know more of him  . Get to know why . And get to know the similarities , it will help.
If you can understand the difference between the sun and the moon , you can certainly understand what is common between them ..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Do you smile ?

These days , I encounter smiles . Funny , responsive , teaser smiles . The ones that know how you would react to them. Reaction is assumed to be a shy , in awe smile. Then suddenly someone shoots a smile wrapped in anger . Catch it with the train of apology smiles. Anger for anger can spread hatred like forest fire . Some smiles are intently captured in Facebook pictures . They rather look superficial. Like a balloon taken to be a moon . They speak of moments intended to satisfy vanity . Now tell me , since when has vanity taken the place of smiles ? Smiles - are only the ones that snuggle you with yourself .
Snuggle , smile , do anything , but get it right .

We have all done this crime , taken vanity to be a smile . :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No monosyllables

The aura of repetition
Monosyllables that are no more single.
The isolated alphabets stuck in the epiglottis
She uses - sometimes never.
Sometimes always .

Like a fat Punjabi aunt running to kiss a child
The "u" of "I love you"
The "e" of "me"
The "w" of "awe"
The "a" of "wao"
are all different forms of irritation and affection

Such widely known 
Repulsively repetitive . 
Avoid girls ! Just try and avoid!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long way !

There something belongs
Something settles
A fight . The noise . The peace . The dust

There something passes me
Like something meant only for my eyes
Strikes heart , seems strong.
A waterfall . A place of silence.

There something abandons me
I return to my single self.
A long ride . A little music
The long way taken . Really long .

Monday, November 7, 2011


I notice the traffic and it's signature on the road from a fourteen story building . The road shines in the reflection of cars and is dim lighted where there is a mob moving around. The sound does not reach my ears , but I can sense the chaos . Yes , it is overwhelming and alarming.
A rickshaw man tries to adjust himself along with his rickshaw in the crowd. The vehicles play their routine zigzag . I wonder when will they give up . The skyline is also  changed . It seems annoyed. For no one now watches the sun while it sets or the colour that the skyline takes in late evening hours. 
The thing is that, a lot of things like the skyline are annoyed. I can sense the chaos . Yes , it is overwhelming and alarming .

Friday, November 4, 2011


Draupadi thought that may be this is the end of her secret . A secret which only the pandavas and her mother knows. The reality will seemingly lead everyone to distress . She knew that everyone here is waiting for Duryodhan to remove her attire and dramatize nudity . Could this be the first time a woman of her age fear her birth mark being revealed rather than being raped ? She calmed down to gauge the hideousness of the mark . It covered a large area of her pelvic bone towards the right of her torso. None of the pandavas were comfortable with this mole except Yudhishthir. He was the only one to confront her from front while making love, while the others used a different route. Long routes to circumvent the little parts that demean your beauty . Have men always been so moved by body than by soul ? Indeed , hideous, she thought. Nevertheless , it was not about men . She had to agree, her Yudhishthir was uneasy. She welcomed Duryodhan like a night, a night so dark and defeating.  Will this be called the fate of her beauty ?

Later in the afterglow of a Jugnu she thanked Krishna for His might and bid good bye to the night that kept the secret as it is.

Afterglow, yes afterglow .