Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dark As EveR..

28th of April 2010
And I feel weird when I write this ... Its because it was a very unusual night. Or rather morning. It was around 4:15 when my room mate, after giving second thoughts woke me up. And what I heard destroyed my sleep. I heard there was some Black magic stuff right outside the room. Well being a rational person, drifting and paying attention to such thoughts will sound useless , but then I was scared. I am human enough to admit what I feel.
The reason why I felt like sharing this incident is because, there is a lot of strength in darkness. And I realized it today morning . Not only it scared me to the core, but it did others also. What was more scary was that , why on earth would someone play such a prank,if it is. or do such a thing. Intentions seemed misplaced somewhere.
When I ponder about the fears and speculations involved, I laugh at myself for paying heed to such thoughts but then when fear takes over you, and you feel the darkness spill over - just remember, you're as intact as you were, so restore the cool thoughts, and stay the same way .
to fear is human, and to conquer is human too.
have a good night !

Sunday, April 25, 2010

And the reason is U ..

So this comes from a song by hoobastank... a very lovely one..atleast I found it so..
Begins and ends in reality...seems straight from heart
And the poem is a reflection of the love I found there ! it either trickles or tortures as I always say...

Subtle is the distance
And strong is the bond
What remains in between
Is the journey taken by all

Tell me one thing you dint say
Or one thing I don’t know
I’ll tell you what is magical
Your  everything I know

I am human to cry with pain
And human to bear it too
I am human to forgive in love
And love beyond the mistake too

Numb is your heart
And mine is paused because of the same
Come close for a while
Things can be together again

I’m a part of the two apart
Help me fall into place
I’m not a perfect person
Neither will I pretend to be
All I need is in simple words
The very love in between you and me
Is everything that needs to be

Friday, April 23, 2010

Its your FaReWell after aLL

To maansi boss ...

A fair night before farewell... not mine.. its yours ...
Fair because it had to occur... afterall its just a four years course.. with 3 years with me...
I am happy and sad... I really dont know how one fills up words for such an occasion...
how someone can let go? how someone can say a goodbye!

trust me ... its not easy... and I'm a very sentimental person...
To cry out wont be the solution

but will make the unbearable myself , a bit bearable for me...

its the last party tomorrow...
and I'm the part of the two who'll go apart ...

do not forget me.... I know ... I'm important... just reminding you !!
chotu !!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I feel random tonight...

Well yes there have been clashes and also there has been triumph, but there’s a big question mark on peace! Seldom we fall under circumstances where the world invariably vanishes and refuses to appear in front of our eyes. And apart from the negligence this world shows to us, we are left blindfolded. Like everyone would, I hate this phase too. When I think now what exactly is wrong with me tonight, I come to count people and their names. And then perhaps I think am I really wrong ? or they are ? will they readily take the blame? Or must I impose? Or should I go by the notion “who gives a damn ! “
Suffocated am I enough , yet I know I will survive. The odds are brave and so aren’t the people close enough to cause the required damage. Thank god I feel safe now! After conjecture and contemplation I feel that whatever that was in my mind was because it needed an amusement to avoid the rather disturbing things going on around. For if I had been so keen to look onto them and so carefull about their presence in my tiny mind, I would have considered them before. And I second the phrase that an empty mind is not only a devils abode but a shitty atmosphere to rely on . So i realise that its better not to give a damn. Because one year from now, even that sounds too much. Lets say one or two months from now, the things will vanish from my mind and I will have new people and things filled in. Yes they will suffocate me again, but then do I have a choice? I obviously cannot live without people around, I love them playing mean , dirty , slutty and whatever. But in the end, they are a part of what I give to them, or rather i must say a part of what they think I give to them. What goes around , comes around. And time will tell what comes and goes by mine and their side.
To realise not everyone will be good, in fact most will not be good anymore. They will abuse , irritate , ditch and slaughter your hopes? It’s still not about disappointment. Don’t crib like all the people Ekta kapoor knows. Look around and find a thing that you genuinely want to do at that very moment. Probably you would want calling me. I am all here till you want. Till the lights turn off again, I will think if this randomness has an end. The next morning perhaps would promise more sunshine and clarity in thoughts. I need it just like you.

Dedicated to all the thoughts ignored !! I would love tackling you , but you just don’t go by my ways. Till you fall in love with me and my peace and agree to go by my ways, I’ll be waiting ...
I love and hate you equally ! :P