Sunday, April 25, 2010

And the reason is U ..

So this comes from a song by hoobastank... a very lovely one..atleast I found it so..
Begins and ends in reality...seems straight from heart
And the poem is a reflection of the love I found there ! it either trickles or tortures as I always say...

Subtle is the distance
And strong is the bond
What remains in between
Is the journey taken by all

Tell me one thing you dint say
Or one thing I don’t know
I’ll tell you what is magical
Your  everything I know

I am human to cry with pain
And human to bear it too
I am human to forgive in love
And love beyond the mistake too

Numb is your heart
And mine is paused because of the same
Come close for a while
Things can be together again

I’m a part of the two apart
Help me fall into place
I’m not a perfect person
Neither will I pretend to be
All I need is in simple words
The very love in between you and me
Is everything that needs to be


  1. :D lv ya fr olways reading ritz!! :)

  2. nw thts what u call a gud poem..
    P.S- Now i knw rhyming is nt necessary !!

  3. A very nice read! :)
    As brilliant as the song..
    The best lines-
    Numb is your heart
    And mine is paused because of the same..

    The power of words, and thoughts .. Eloquently done!

  4. @anant... thanxie !!

    @chandan .. thanx fr reading !!

    @adi ... thnx re !!

  5. U are simply awesome as ur poems....

  6. A poem with the pure of eaternity.nice.