Friday, June 8, 2012

My name is T

I wonder if a place can ever be strange to me. My name is T and  I can't get enough of Tea. I confess my jokes are as void as my name mentioned here . But you have to know that I am a subtly anonymous person. Subtly because I gave you a hint of my name. I am, anyway, a photographer. My journey is a random one. I am never done with a place . There is always a corner left untouched by my lens , people and their life uncovered . Somehow places I visit after a long time give me a fulfilling feeling of having lived longer enough to have made it back .  Places I visit often , the popular ones , the nukkads known to everyone here and there , joints that have made it to silent magazines and violent newspapers and so on make me uncomfortable. They change so fast , they seem unknown to me every now and then. I wonder if people understand what it is to preserve a place , a lost random feeling.

But then a disconnect is dangerous for a person like me. After all places and people make my picture perfect.

Say cheese *grins* 

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