Monday, July 2, 2012

The story of an introvert

The story of an introvert has to be a little secretive. For the introvert does not accept so easily that he is one of a kind. Today , I met an introvert. Eyes constantly searching for topics that could hide this nature of his , concentrating on details and asking silly questions. He and his kind are filled with an intense void of knowing no one, not even self. The are plain uncomfortable among a lot of people. Their voice level , a little above low , makes you wonder if they will ever speak to you in the usual frank way. They sometimes make you insecure for letting people know indiscriminately about yourself all this while . They , instead , can decide to whom and what to reveal. Quite a power that is. The introvert by your side is playful with eyes , calm in movements and diplomatic in choices. For he never wishes to be reveal.

Another esoteric phenomenon? Perhaps , yes! 

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  1. excellent write up!
    And introverts, prbly more than anyone else, realise the importance of knowing oneself and hence feel that void