Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 .. :)

Flutters every dream
Imprisoned under my name
Flies every suspicion
Of the life I thought was caged

I eye upon destiny
Like rose fears its own thorns
And count upon a God
Like earth counts upon water

I lost my new poem
A name I thought I had
I lost myself , in my own muse
And understood a little , more of my selfish self

I sneaked some moments
Just to gather a fresh start
A start for dreams to sleep upon innocence
And smile like a newborn, awakened by fate

I lay underneath this sky
It disowned this earth sometime back
I wanted to be accepted and float
Like a cloud that floats , and stays only to pour

Like a secret I kept to myself
A little of you , within a shy smile
A shadow that took over a soul
A reality of a crude truth

Sand filled the shore
Music filled the scene
Do I look like a stranger to you my reader ?
I guess am dressed up like a new me

Thursday, December 16, 2010

reAliZatIon ?

I am ..

A roasted recipe
Flesh has burnt of desires and ambitions
A curry Indian
Busy mixing in everything that mingles
A virtual killer
Abused some people cunning and rude
A gambler in a dirty game
All I want is every temptation to win
A God's child
Believes in His name
A sullen adult in a phase
Sulks more and more as quarter life crisis approach
A happy walker on the street
Sorrows are blown away like dirt by my broomstick
A big time show off
Loves resembling things that are out of this world
A silent human still alive
For nothing is worth cribbing
A patient learner, and learnt a wise thing today
In the end , It doesn't even matter

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AddIcTiOn ..

A brown sugar of its kind
Carefully seduces any upright mind
Details divulge, when the taste takes over
And slowly , the senses it takes over

The window pane is wet
Of the drizzle and the fog
In one cup I store
The heat of sunshine warm

As the aroma fills my soul
With the sip I take
It engulfs my tounge
Beleaguered I am , by its taste

I sniff in, on the edges of the cup
To remove its uncalled traces
It brims me again with addiction
And the unending urge to have 
A hot coffee cup again 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

AwaKe anD UnCerTaiN

Its a slow time
Perhaps the veins are tired
I sink into bed
And it humbly takes me in

Awake I am
And uncertain of the same
The cerebrum mourns
It has seemingly turned gray scaled

Tired, are the words 
Of lifting up spirits
I will let the spirit rest tonight
In realms of esoteric dreams

Freedom marks a space
Untouched , unperturbed
But silently vanishes
When you feel uncertain and awake

Eyelids close, like a dream closes in sunrise hue
Falls this night , its a darkness of its kind
Time will fly , and a good time will come
Till then I lie uncertain and awake
Even with closed eyes

BluEpRinTs ...

Every blueprint has its road map
Constructed carefully 
To include every thing that would bring smile
But unpredictable
As this life turns to be
Burns them
To ashes black
Destiny will seduce you with her fake wins
It might push you into the vicious valley of failures
 Caution in one line would be
To avoid mapping blueprints
Paper can always turn into ashes
Will does not, importantly , must not

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TodAy ...

I realized ecstasy makes you blind
Habits refuse to leave you
Coffee will stay an addiction
And music will remain the only respite
Words do fail to express
Intentions are always clear to the soul
Just that the heart defies accepting the evil in people
Here somehow lies its purity
And when this very heart plans a revenge
You see the familiar evil
Perceptions keep waiting to get changed
Nothing happens .
Mind is a pathetic master
And heart a cruel saviour
Happiness lies in between them
Sand will slip through your hands
The more you attempt holding it close
Leave everything and release yield to this world
And let it divide you , in its love and its hatred

For peace is something you will never get
Hence , breathe till your heart pumps

Friday, December 3, 2010

rOad ...

The Road forages people , just like unusual people forage the road . Driving depth and insanity , moving in plain search for people and places.
It stops by every person , to whom one might connect . Perhaps to give destiny a chance to chalk out , its companions .
The End , is nowhere close . As it has always been , an esoteric road .

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ShE ..

Closed , yes she was
Open , were his arms
Free , was her wish
Entangled , she was still
To a mirror , she disclosed 
As she accepted ,being in his shadows
Everything , she told
Resided in his arms
Emancipated , she was
Caught , were both 
She doubted , every safe corner
Safest , were his arms 
when Love , was perfectly cuddled 
Felt , pure .