Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 .. :)

Flutters every dream
Imprisoned under my name
Flies every suspicion
Of the life I thought was caged

I eye upon destiny
Like rose fears its own thorns
And count upon a God
Like earth counts upon water

I lost my new poem
A name I thought I had
I lost myself , in my own muse
And understood a little , more of my selfish self

I sneaked some moments
Just to gather a fresh start
A start for dreams to sleep upon innocence
And smile like a newborn, awakened by fate

I lay underneath this sky
It disowned this earth sometime back
I wanted to be accepted and float
Like a cloud that floats , and stays only to pour

Like a secret I kept to myself
A little of you , within a shy smile
A shadow that took over a soul
A reality of a crude truth

Sand filled the shore
Music filled the scene
Do I look like a stranger to you my reader ?
I guess am dressed up like a new me

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