Sunday, May 30, 2010


The waves have  clamour and restlessness
The shore is stubborn to bear them, their intensity
The noise will settle with the morning, its certain
Only if, the morning comes .
The winds indicate an imminent storm
Rains , fire , bruise , lightening
Will churn into light soon
Only if , the sun comes.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BeLonG ....

Belong with the shy smile
Bold eyes and love wide
Belong somewhere that’s closer than heart
A place that’s relatively utopian in art
Belong in a way that essence of the touch stays
Longer than this time, longer than this era
The distance earlier talked of u and me
Belong so that it talks of ‘us’ for a while
Too often I find u lost in a rage
Belong to the smiles, imperfection of love says
Belong to the husky voice that confesses love
In the wildest of moments, in the burning times above
Belong with reckless abandon of the roses
Leaving all the colours , to my shadow belong
Till the time there is pulse in your hands
Beats in your heart and commitment in its existence
Belong to deceive my perception of belonging
Too often I feel it’s a myth of bliss in persistence !

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well you feel the urge to plunge out hell lot of things. To write relieves it all. When you pen down ten things that you mind, your mind gets clear ! I have not faced peace since a long time, when you don’t get a thing for long, you want to run away, but that’s after you cant survive that pace. Well the pace would make you fall often . You will have skinned knees , and broken hearts. Lets decide to grow up, I think its time. To face the odds, you need self, and self motivation. You need to have yourself with you atleast. That’s your permanent support you see!
If you are still wondering why I’m telling this to you when you’re not even concerned with me. Im the selfish blogger , blame it on me ;)
This is another end of a year. I thought this would be peace, like I wished it the last time a few months ago, but then , this was not granted. I had to push myself through this time . Its okay !! okay !!
Chill !! ditch !!
This is the time of my life. I feel success within and the urge for a change. Im happy. When I’m writing . and to write about peace, bantaa hai ;)
I’m a troubled religion
And a perturbed region
I wont come if you wish to run behind
I will come when you sit and ponder
Whats on your mind, is it fine ?
You tend to get troubled
When I’m away and sinful
I bewitched you , the magnet
Sell me your soul
I’m not as angel as my name
Not meaningful as the same
I cause turmoil when about to come
Fury to some, hatred to some
Just when you catch fire in the rage
I come as a peace, after the pain !


Beauty is contagious
Its serenity is a bound
When I think of beauty
Its intensity simply surrounds
Too fragile it seems at times
At times it burns with the blue flame of jealousy
Vanity it suffices, mind it blocks
Further when disclosed, hearts it locks
It begs of a desire of freedom sometimes
Beauty not just bounds the beautiful
It chains the one entitled too
I committed a morbid crime
I loved the peace of beauty
It ditched me while I was praising
Some other somewhere , Another of its kind
It has a green mean power
It lends you a heart and breaks it soon
Beauty when desired, beautifully kisses you
Beauty when denied, beautiful becomes you
Look above this beauty , beautiful have been you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

DarKneSS SpilLs...

I find the nights rather deceiving
What use they are in this world
To someone who finds peace in a human
To someone who does not like to sleep just because its dark
I find the bed rather discomforting
It does not give me the warmth of your arms
To someone who has one broken heart
To someone who faces darkness from sunshine
Did I tell you I smiled loud when I saw U in dreams
Esoteric it was... they way love caters
And the way it then hampers !

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It does feel like an empty road
The surface burns by the heat of desire
Seems like the sun is turning redundant
Coz I don’t feel its warmth, nor its fire

It has been long I saw U near
Roads are empty , says the crowd here
Taking my heart , stranded I stand
In the centre of my world of a concentrated desire

Do you know how long it has been ?
The search refuses to close its open ends
You come to this world as lights in the darkness
As the peace the water gives to the fire

I saw the empty glass and wondered
Its half full of what its capable to hold
I’m half full of my love for you
Waiting for the other half , waiting and tired

Spaces shout for falling paper pieces
Imagine a room full of notes of love
You would call my mind an insane place
Too often it burns, too often it freezes of the uncertain denial
The light breaks through the window panes
Finding a corner having the hidden wishes
Break up the walls , they tie me a lot
Calling you, calling your name

I look at you and me , they way it was before
And pray for a second full of the same love, in eyes
To me you are the road, journey and destination
Keep coming this side of land, barren and crowded
It hopes for a sight , it has always desired
Peace , love , thoughts , the wait
Without you, melting of fire

Friday, May 7, 2010

juSt frIenDs ..

feeling trapped is one thing

freedom is another

when you feel the world suffocating you

look at the face that looks back at you with love

feather is comforted by the subtle water when it falls

just like the water ... to you are friends ...

when I skipped a fresh moment

they got me hundreds back in return

feeling void is one thing

feeling friends is another !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

cOloUr StOlen fRom tHe RaiNboW

It did rain...and I did absorb....

A secret or two
Just trying to mend certain constant blue's
Shaded were some regions of this life
Making its drama small and bearable
The 7 odd colour's I found at a place
Had hundred odd reasons to steal them away
Its time I paint you, my white sky
Just when you find colour's stolen from the rainbow
Blame it on me.... I'm the selfish painter !

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a LaDy By the Side !

This post comes to all the ladies I know... and my self too !! :)
I always say motivation is self..and that's what inspired me to write this one... I have written on human spirits and zeal...and the survivor in us...but never about the lady we all know.. the woman in us...I never wrote on the spirit of a woman.. here it goes.. 

I am me
Magic of a kind
I am addiction in perspective
Music of the mind
I am laughter for the soul
Kindle up a little
I am a death for the mean
Yes I know you are so green
I am pump of the joy
Suffice me with smiles
Trace me on a paper
Pour me in the bottle
I am jump of the reaction
I am the salt and the spice
I am sillier in action
Melted in a smile
I am beautiful in my own ways
Diverse in kind
I am hatred in the crowd
Seed of the jealousy
I am poison and the cure
Trust me I have a legacy
I am silence of the noise
And at times its source
I am catering to whatever
You think you’re close
I can peep into your mind
Often that you would know
I am the lady by your side
Lady that you know, this name on your mind ! ;)

Tomorrow of a kind

a dream of a kind
In the gallows , admist the shadows
I feel the urge to run and stay
I feel the urge to find a way

Another world it is
Esoteric and deep
I want the enough to satisfy somehow
I want the hint to get rid of it now

A pace which goes dictated
Go fast , I cant take it
I want you to perturb me seldom that you do
I want you to know the pain you put through

A belief I’ll sail through
The time is tuff its stated
I want it to vanish the grieves of today
I want it to pinch me with a future, a tomorrow

A step up in the down
A reason of the same
I want to counter the shackles that are there
I want to have some rest for the chase of tomorrow

A wish of a kind
A life in the mind
I want you to curse the poison in there
I want a life , today and tomorrow