Saturday, May 8, 2010


It does feel like an empty road
The surface burns by the heat of desire
Seems like the sun is turning redundant
Coz I don’t feel its warmth, nor its fire

It has been long I saw U near
Roads are empty , says the crowd here
Taking my heart , stranded I stand
In the centre of my world of a concentrated desire

Do you know how long it has been ?
The search refuses to close its open ends
You come to this world as lights in the darkness
As the peace the water gives to the fire

I saw the empty glass and wondered
Its half full of what its capable to hold
I’m half full of my love for you
Waiting for the other half , waiting and tired

Spaces shout for falling paper pieces
Imagine a room full of notes of love
You would call my mind an insane place
Too often it burns, too often it freezes of the uncertain denial
The light breaks through the window panes
Finding a corner having the hidden wishes
Break up the walls , they tie me a lot
Calling you, calling your name

I look at you and me , they way it was before
And pray for a second full of the same love, in eyes
To me you are the road, journey and destination
Keep coming this side of land, barren and crowded
It hopes for a sight , it has always desired
Peace , love , thoughts , the wait
Without you, melting of fire


  1. Dnt have words to praise this one! This is what is expected frm u on a saturday evening! :) very expressive.. And felt lyk coming straight frm the heart!
    Just Brilliant !

  2. simply awesome.... just can say feelings from the core of heart..:) :) really amazing!