Monday, November 16, 2009

WhEn MoUsIE RuNs...

There was yet another story ...out of the rat that yielded results...mark my point..just one out of the entire race of rats, mice and other clones, make it up there, to the apotheosis . I have been a part of such race too lately, CAT,MBA, and its varied options, how mechanically mastering management I am. Whatever might be the wait another rat race is available to join ( not again !! ). How much these races allure us. How much they inflict upon us...and how much we exercise upon them. To go by some option is a nice thing to do, but what if the options are borrowed, and not well surveyed for. What if they landed in your head just because they were a part of the discussion of some friends of yours. I believe so I have been drifted, cz I actually have been. And so am I preaching that it wasn’t entirely my choice. All the part that resided on my part of choice was to which rat race to choose.

For once I did think of taking up writing as a career, no matter what reaps further. But then there was no rat race available, and not many of you have the courage to stand out in the crowd and take a stand, and its not that I lack that, but somehow I am not guided.

And I know we all aren’t . For most of you that would be reading this blog will be of my age group, a group that I think has always remained confused (no offence , I think so ) .
The point to be noted is that, the one rat race you missed because of lack of courage or vigour, or may be due to unavailability of such a rat race, is the ones you truly desire and long for. The race that will be marked and spearheaded by you, race that’s of life , your’s and for the next ones to follow.


  1. can't agree wid u more. wow! dis is xactly wat i hav felt al dis while...just din know how to voice it...n look u hav done it perfectly.thumbs up for dis one!!!