Sunday, November 15, 2009

ThE D!v!nE Lo\/e H@s A WicKeD End

I don’t know why, but I find peace in this line. Don’t think that I’m a cry baby over relationships that did not end in peace, nor do I want to kill my any one who does not love me, I’m just plain and simple in using my words, I love these lines. There are often some lines found in the weirdest of books or in the taglines of most unexpected people in your gtalk list who carry them, and writers like me, hehhaaahhaa , STEAL THEM. I am observing a strange hunger these days for words and phrases that could drive me more frantic towards writing, and fortunately by God’s grace, I’ve been lucky enough to find them.
So , talking about the lines and not diverting much from the so called topic ( hah ! ) . Love as we all know or must have witnessed is divine, and for those who have lost their love (s) , would agree to the latter part too. Love is enchanting enough to grip one’s soul and inspire any go on and on in their narration about how much in love are they with love. And are you smiling? So congratulations you are in love !! and are you hating me ? oops...I’m not that bad ( really ) . no offence !! ( in any case ).
Love for me has been a feeling yet to be explored truly. There have always been factors adding to its pros and cons. And I’m equally in love with these factors. For more than loving love, I love the journey which would take me to my love. Have you ever tried or wondered...that even that journey ...which takes you to your destination ...has been worth loving ? For what fun could adoring someone be...without that journey? What if you could have got him/her so easily ? Just a plain I love you...and no fights to establish its edifice, no cribbing about each others habits, no late night talks, no crying and teasing and no jealously. I guess, the dark side adds to its purity, where reverse things governs the pace...I confirm existence of love !
There is love which is so divine and wicked features to add onto it and that’s what it makes it so wanted and desired. Its always love with wickedness on the rocks, you would know when you’ll have it. It is indeed the unaccustomed mixture of surviving all odds. Wishfully prayed you all get it (even more than once if you want )


  1. ulti doc...!!
    sch a 'LOVE'ly way to curb ur hunger... ;)
    nd abhi tak mujhe J hi dikh rha h.....apne dad se apne browser ka checkup kra... :P

  2. can't wait to fall in luvvv(more thn once) after reading tis ;) !!

  3. thnx...I hope u find ur gul soon :P

  4. a beautifully written piece sakshi....luv it