Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Solo tales - Gift from Paris

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My boss is a wonderful person. He is just the kind of leader I want to be. Having spent 1.5 years in corporate I have been one of the lucky employees who received absolute fast tack growth. Getting rotated to various verticals in a very short span of time. Helluva journey for me. 

Of course all this had a lot of costs involved. My opportunity cost was mostly sacrificing my personal front. Most of my time beyond office hours goes into my work related issues. This lead to mis-conceptions in personal life and lot of appreciations from boss/ office. I still don't know which one is more important in life.Till today, I was generally happy about how things are.

Today, when my boss returned from Euro Tour, he gave me a special gift. Special because he got gift only for me and none of the other employees in the department. I did not know how to thank this person for giving me first thing to treasure for in life. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. 

My parents, were nevertheless very proud and happy to see picture of my gift. 

When I shared this news with my friends, they gave negative reactions; "All this is OK but why do they make you stay so late", "Fine, but don't work too much you are a female and you need to raise kids in another 2-3 years, don't stress yourself", "You better quit and take a big break".

I felt very disappointed and lonely. It was as if just my parents know how much this means to me and only they are proud & happy of what I am doing. I don't understand if working too much is right or wrong but I certainly understand that this makes me happier and content in life. 

Never felt this lonely in life, just curled in and cried. Bitterness of a male dominated society. 

If you have every discouraged any of your female friends for working too much, please don't do so just because they are females and need to raise kids in future. 

Their career is as important to them as yours and their focus is no different than yours. They don't want to surpass anyone, they just want to make a stand. 

And for God sake, don't play the hipocrisy game.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Too careful.

It is very easy to write about not being able to write. I feel my loss has been the ability to experience. I have denied myself of indulgence. Staying careful was never on my agenda; the way it is now. My independence, my freedom of thought was my indulgence. I was free to dream, take risks, travel far-off and return; for I always knew, there is someone waiting for me at home. Now, I am out of my shell. I stay outside, work like mostly people do, managing my own expenses and staying alone (read staying careful).

I wonder what an impact this small word 'alone' can have. It gifts you vanity of independence from outside but eats you from inside. To the world you are the one encouraging change, attending big meetings, trying to revolutionize bla bla mundane stuff. But at home, it feels like the world has a bigger picture. There is history behind each conversation. At home, you are part of the struggle, you are the myth and the change agent, you are the pages and the ink, you are the reason of someone's effort and persistence and you are their wealth and their priceless possession. 

Life is better now, or was so during my childhood is a wrong question. However, the answer is common; This too shall pass. :) 



Monday, November 10, 2014

Dwell in possibility

I never thought this day would come. This is one historical day when I could finally overcome my writers block.

I thought about writing several times, while I got placed, while I started job, my first pay cheque and many such moments. The truth about writing is that you can write only when you are feeling strongly about something. Perhaps I am not as materialistic as I assumed myself to be, not overwhelmed by money that I earn, or a job that I bragged. My worldly connection was at a different angle.

Pain and love are my worldly connections. Last week I was in pain due to some health conditions. And needless to say, I received lot of love with some aberrations. Aberrations were not personal, all official. Sometimes I wonder, how important is my work so as to cause those aberrations. Atleast I could feel the discomfort caused. Ofcourse no one would say it, but it was officially evident.

Talking about love, I finally reached home to receive loads of it. Pain eventually succumbed as love took over. Family, friends and even maids; all were very cooperative.

Today when I picture myself admist a difficult time, I dwell in the possibility of it passing by. If something like writing, which I deeply loved, could return to me, there is always a chance that this tough time shall pass.

Dwell in possibility. Lets begin talking again :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014


I re-read what he wrote
His words are innocent, mostly untrue
One day, he confides in me that I'm his world
I believe him. Like I believe his every lie.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello Readers

Its been a while, quite sometime actually.

While wandering alone in the market today in Sector 14, Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, I felt great. Feeling great is such a big deal for me now a days, it seems life is throwing lemons at me. Nevertheless, I saw majority of girls holding a rose or a bouquet in their hands. Today, as we all know, is Valentine's day. Seeing every girl smile, every guy in love (others looking for love), was fulfilling. Love is such an important feeling, almost leaves you reach the satisfaction of being complete.

Dependance on love is natural and so are the fights. However, a very important aspect is communication. Too often we lose someone close because we couldn't say. We couldn't speak what is the truth. We prioritize our ego over a person. It cannot work this way.

When this person will be gone, a void will persist. It will take longer for you to feed that void than the time to feed your ego.

Song of the day: Love you for a thousand years.

Friday, November 29, 2013


"Distance is just a test to see how far a relationship can travel"

Distance has a void. Whenever I hear of distance it fills me with cursory pleasure along with alternating pangs of pain. I have never dealt well with distance. For me, distance is annoying and if given a choice, I would like to take with me everyone I love.Distance gives me a little pleasure for the sake of time to sink in and settle things. But when such a thing is not possible and there is hardly any scope for the time factor to intervene I feel the pain distance has brought to my relationship.Words become uncertain of their interpretations and there are meaningless smiles floating around. The discomfort between individuals grows to the extent that they start avoiding to save a relationship. The question here is how can avoidance lead to a solution? Never. Time can heal when people want things to normalize between them, not otherwise.

It is natural to be uncomfortable with avoidance. People like me like to talk at length about fights , hiccups in a relation and sort things out, plan a common path for people to move along. Some people might  not work this way. They prefer time to heal things. Patience is indeed a virtue and I am hardly to be blamed if I lack it. It is not in my system to be patient. I have my own term with distance, term of hatred.

Conversations happen when people are close, dialogs happen otherwise.

The song for the day would be: Vanilla Twilight

Saturday, March 30, 2013


The cluttered crazy girl with curls
Her smile wanes, complete to incomplete

What will you make of the eyes that stay silent
Of her raised eyebrows, lowered questions?
You can only begin to end her doubts
If you know how cluttered and crazy she is!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If I will give my everything to you
You will mean the world to me
My reason, my logic
My mind, my soul
That is what you want?
That is what you like?
Between this war of love and myself
You will get all the love, but me
If I shall come to you
I will come with my everything
Together, with reason and soul and your everything
We shall make our world :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Neodda, people etc

Things that get you back to writing are not things, they are people. Bouncing smiles from one corner of the class to another, uncontrolled crushes, bundle of mistakes and the typical gossips of a typical booze party makes you feel like writing. Writing all the nonsense that you've grabbed in the entire day and pouring out some truths and lies that are running parallel along with people by your side. People by your side- this phrase is nothing but an  irony, as literally those people could be running after your seat, your internship, your placements, your crush and your peace of mind.

Sometimes I think people here fear too much. Fear of giving each other support, fear of holding a hand, fear of lending an ear and so on. This fear is making them hollow from inside and the disease is spreading. I never thought I will feel negative about any place in my entire life. Here it is dark and when its dark people prefer trusting anything that they lay their hands on. Trust is not permanent for them, its just a support till they see some light. After that, they vanish. They don't fade, they don't stay, they just disappear. Their thought wanes out from your memory and in a few days you are again in that dark place holding someone other person's hand. Its just like a business cycle. They never ending cycle of trust and mistrust.

How I wish people here trusted more , smiled more , laughed more , cared more, pampered more and lived more.
In  brief sentences and gestures, lies their stingy opinions.

I feel my heart will sink one day, seeing the brevity of their lives.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The journey must be completed fast in order to return home
For here it is bright, sunny but happiness does not fill my heart
The smile surfaces me, like a feather wishing to enter water
But too light to get inside depth and bring the bubble of love above
I hope I never lose memories that take me to you , home
As you always remain, the purpose of my entire journey