Friday, November 29, 2013


"Distance is just a test to see how far a relationship can travel"

Distance has a void. Whenever I hear of distance it fills me with cursory pleasure along with alternating pangs of pain. I have never dealt well with distance. For me, distance is annoying and if given a choice, I would like to take with me everyone I love.Distance gives me a little pleasure for the sake of time to sink in and settle things. But when such a thing is not possible and there is hardly any scope for the time factor to intervene I feel the pain distance has brought to my relationship.Words become uncertain of their interpretations and there are meaningless smiles floating around. The discomfort between individuals grows to the extent that they start avoiding to save a relationship. The question here is how can avoidance lead to a solution? Never. Time can heal when people want things to normalize between them, not otherwise.

It is natural to be uncomfortable with avoidance. People like me like to talk at length about fights , hiccups in a relation and sort things out, plan a common path for people to move along. Some people might  not work this way. They prefer time to heal things. Patience is indeed a virtue and I am hardly to be blamed if I lack it. It is not in my system to be patient. I have my own term with distance, term of hatred.

Conversations happen when people are close, dialogs happen otherwise.

The song for the day would be: Vanilla Twilight

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