Friday, November 29, 2013


"Distance is just a test to see how far a relationship can travel"

Distance has a void. Whenever I hear of distance it fills me with cursory pleasure along with alternating pangs of pain. I have never dealt well with distance. For me, distance is annoying and if given a choice, I would like to take with me everyone I love.Distance gives me a little pleasure for the sake of time to sink in and settle things. But when such a thing is not possible and there is hardly any scope for the time factor to intervene I feel the pain distance has brought to my relationship.Words become uncertain of their interpretations and there are meaningless smiles floating around. The discomfort between individuals grows to the extent that they start avoiding to save a relationship. The question here is how can avoidance lead to a solution? Never. Time can heal when people want things to normalize between them, not otherwise.

It is natural to be uncomfortable with avoidance. People like me like to talk at length about fights , hiccups in a relation and sort things out, plan a common path for people to move along. Some people might  not work this way. They prefer time to heal things. Patience is indeed a virtue and I am hardly to be blamed if I lack it. It is not in my system to be patient. I have my own term with distance, term of hatred.

Conversations happen when people are close, dialogs happen otherwise.

The song for the day would be: Vanilla Twilight

Saturday, March 30, 2013


The cluttered crazy girl with curls
Her smile wanes, complete to incomplete

What will you make of the eyes that stay silent
Of her raised eyebrows, lowered questions?
You can only begin to end her doubts
If you know how cluttered and crazy she is!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If I will give my everything to you
You will mean the world to me
My reason, my logic
My mind, my soul
That is what you want?
That is what you like?
Between this war of love and myself
You will get all the love, but me
If I shall come to you
I will come with my everything
Together, with reason and soul and your everything
We shall make our world :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Neodda, people etc

Things that get you back to writing are not things, they are people. Bouncing smiles from one corner of the class to another, uncontrolled crushes, bundle of mistakes and the typical gossips of a typical booze party makes you feel like writing. Writing all the nonsense that you've grabbed in the entire day and pouring out some truths and lies that are running parallel along with people by your side. People by your side- this phrase is nothing but an  irony, as literally those people could be running after your seat, your internship, your placements, your crush and your peace of mind.

Sometimes I think people here fear too much. Fear of giving each other support, fear of holding a hand, fear of lending an ear and so on. This fear is making them hollow from inside and the disease is spreading. I never thought I will feel negative about any place in my entire life. Here it is dark and when its dark people prefer trusting anything that they lay their hands on. Trust is not permanent for them, its just a support till they see some light. After that, they vanish. They don't fade, they don't stay, they just disappear. Their thought wanes out from your memory and in a few days you are again in that dark place holding someone other person's hand. Its just like a business cycle. They never ending cycle of trust and mistrust.

How I wish people here trusted more , smiled more , laughed more , cared more, pampered more and lived more.
In  brief sentences and gestures, lies their stingy opinions.

I feel my heart will sink one day, seeing the brevity of their lives.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The journey must be completed fast in order to return home
For here it is bright, sunny but happiness does not fill my heart
The smile surfaces me, like a feather wishing to enter water
But too light to get inside depth and bring the bubble of love above
I hope I never lose memories that take me to you , home
As you always remain, the purpose of my entire journey

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Out of curiosity I read today about sleep patterns  and learnt that I'm a foetal sleeper. I release all my tensions while sleeping. So the unconscious curling up has a meaning too. Foetal sleepers are those who curl up while they sleep, the more the curl, the fresher they wake up next morning. So I need to sleep like a puppy tonight to wake up all fresh tomorrow morning. On second thoughts, that could sprain my neck and back. Nevertheless, I sleep in the  log position in the afternoon. Which means I am stubborn in the daytime and I don't prefer relaxing. I have things on my mind. Quite true as half the day is gone in jumping from one lecture to another and I have a lot of networking and projects to do in the other half of the day. Good that even in my dreams, I recognize that. Good that I am a practical sleeper. Not a hopelessly snoring one! None of the posts on the internet talked about occasional Tsunami like moments in my sleep when I fall from the bed, or sense as if I am falling and wake up scared.
I have the habit of keeping as many pillows as possible on the bed to get the feeling of a lion sleeping in his den! Over stated statement that was !

Nevertheless , have a good night sleep! Much needed!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The man

He thinks he is armed. Full of bullets of ideas, chauvinism, chivalry and what not. He likes to be treated as a hero. Limitations do not exist for him. He is like the bird that returns only on will, never otherwise. How I wish I could tell him that every part of his ideal dreams is nothing but fiction. How I wish I could tell him, some wishes bring sorrows and the only way to avoid being sad is to forget them with a smile.

He keeps on looking for random keys that could connect him back to the lost wish. He appears, so determined, as if nothing is impossible. Reality would strike him one day but love, my love, doesn't want that to happen. For I am happy to see him like he is: lost in the dilemma of truths and lies. Sailing courageously for an island that does not exist,

I like him this way. He is ignorant of the truth, not unaware of it. But his hope reminds me of someone so similar... me. I wish I could blindly trust some wrong things, some wrong people, just because I love them so much, even after knowing they would fail me one day. I knew those people would  fail me, hence I feared loving them. But this man loves, the way people are to be loved. Always without fear, he loves them despite the truths and lies.