Monday, March 11, 2013

Neodda, people etc

Things that get you back to writing are not things, they are people. Bouncing smiles from one corner of the class to another, uncontrolled crushes, bundle of mistakes and the typical gossips of a typical booze party makes you feel like writing. Writing all the nonsense that you've grabbed in the entire day and pouring out some truths and lies that are running parallel along with people by your side. People by your side- this phrase is nothing but an  irony, as literally those people could be running after your seat, your internship, your placements, your crush and your peace of mind.

Sometimes I think people here fear too much. Fear of giving each other support, fear of holding a hand, fear of lending an ear and so on. This fear is making them hollow from inside and the disease is spreading. I never thought I will feel negative about any place in my entire life. Here it is dark and when its dark people prefer trusting anything that they lay their hands on. Trust is not permanent for them, its just a support till they see some light. After that, they vanish. They don't fade, they don't stay, they just disappear. Their thought wanes out from your memory and in a few days you are again in that dark place holding someone other person's hand. Its just like a business cycle. They never ending cycle of trust and mistrust.

How I wish people here trusted more , smiled more , laughed more , cared more, pampered more and lived more.
In  brief sentences and gestures, lies their stingy opinions.

I feel my heart will sink one day, seeing the brevity of their lives.

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