Saturday, October 30, 2010

ThE FaLL ..

Falls the summer , into the winters arms
Carefully ceases its warmth and sunshine
To summon the next season
Yields it's magic into the winters charm

The fall of the sun as its sunshine
Of the ice as its , cold water
Of the dew , as the awaited drop
Of the leaves , as if made for the ground

The fall of people , in truth
The fall in faith , in the vicious lie
The fall of the night after dawn
The fall of human, after its mortal life

Bends every leaf , to kiss the ground
When the autumn falls , are by your side
Dresses the earth in all the hues I know
Falls the spring, leaving the grey's behind

Falls the white , and disappears to black
Falls my eyelids , upon a shy smile
Falls above the God , the earthy reasons sometimes
Falls His take as a fact  , He's taken a myth at times

Falls every rise , to rise again and fall 
Falls every notion , to morph according to the changing time

Thursday, October 28, 2010

StiLL in fiRe ...

As the night surrounded 
I rapidly lit up your face
Like sunlight dresses the earth
And spread the warmth around
In this cold , breezy night
It was dark , the fire was apt
Peeking through the dark 
And making some parts of the picture yellow
The campfire burnt like my desires
bold red at times, at times pale in pleasure
I saw your smile pulsating the fire
I don't know where what melted
The time was still lit up
So was your face
So was the fire

I felt still in fire
Inside and outside 
All around
Such , dear , happens when you're around !

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Across his earlobes I could see
People and places , moulds and traces

carefully sketched their intricacies
They rejoiced in meanings , worldly it seemed

I caught a man lying on phone
Infidelity rubbed his dim face

And saw a woman vying for peace
trying so hard to wait in this chase

Life was hard on the one at the bench
A tear dropped trickled on his knee

And a baby endlessly cried
His grown up representation smiling at me

And a humble rockstar observing
His guitar , its strings, strumming endlessly

The chin down on right
released some smoke

And she took the footpath
the road wasn't free

The road wasn't like perhaps
what these people wanted

so they were enjoying being human
enjoying the unlucky journey

Some people , beautiful in imperfection .

Friday, October 22, 2010

ThaT tHinG aBouT WrIterS

And I was asked to interview him. How as a child I always wanted to have a glimpse of his demeanor . He was and still is my favourite writer. The connection isn't esoteric , unlike the other things in life. I like his words , and the way he veils some , and says a lot, more than one can decipher. He forages the readers mind and hits exactly on the subject that would excite them. And in my case, I'm simply dumbstruck by his language!
He had a subtle hint of youth on his face, making him more attractive than those of his age. Attraction has different weird laws, those which are culpable to ruin hearts and brain , mine was just normal, I'm usually not used to being attached.
Nevertheless that was not the topic of concern. I had to focus on this interview . Its the only thing that pays .

And he lit up his cigar carefully, and with dreamy eyes overlooked my presence, while I watched him like a puppy wailing for attention. And after , I suppose, pondering upon each and every thing in our vicinity , he noticed I was there to interview him. Felt like euphoria (sorry for exaggerating). 

My heart doubled the beat , while he smiled, and said " Yeah . Lets start "
I wondered is the thing I'll next do as exotic as his gesture, but never mind, I'll begin, the time of my life .
" Sir , How did you decide to enter this field ?  I mean writing was a scarcely populated profession in India while you must have decided to take it up. Din't the other professions lure you ? "

He passed me a humble glimpse, and said " Never . I'm not lured by things tangible by instinct . I always believed there's a power in some selective people of this world , by which they rule minds of the rest of the people. I wanted   such clout . And so here I am. I love Bryan Adams by the way . Do you ? "

What was that !!
" ofcourse I do sir. He's epic ! "

He passed a smile again. This time, an unadjustable one.

Ohkay .. So I'll move to my next question .

" Sir do you believe in legends ? "
He dreamily looked away from me, as if I drifted him into some other world, and with a meaningful smile , spoke
" If only men were immortal , I would have believed in legends. They die along with the people who took them as legends. There's nothing like legends "

Deep thought. Burp !
" Sir are you a liar or you stick to the veracity of words "
He : " I'm human. Thats all I've known till now. And you my girl, must change this categorical chase. What fits in , is always out of this world ;) "

I like the my girl and the bonus wink . And it all made me profusely blush!

" Sir ... "
" Call me Riyaan "
I think he'll add me on Facebook now !!

" Sure Riyaan. what according to you is growing old ? "
" Just like old times and memories, age also learns to wither . For good or for bad, I certainly want to witness an age of obvious oblivion. No one would then at least blame me for the things I forget. I can be choosy in remembering  with wish and will "

I looked at my diary on which I was writing his answers . I wanted to know which one of them will count as answers anyway . 
I resumed .

" Riyaan , Whats Love ? "
Riyaan submerged his eyelids into each other. His face looked beautiful as if carved after taking time, carved after giving love.

And then he took a long breath and said.
" someone will adore the air I breathe , and understand my silent arcs and my consequent lust . Love will be unsaid, just in her eyes and floating freely in my heart "

I took time to understand his words . They were indeed lovely .

" So you believe in silent love ? "

" Yes. Whats spoken is for mere pleasure . I just failed to define it. How can someone love and define too ? "
I was in awe of his words. How can some things, as mere as words, make you feel brimmed with things beyond your understanding ? 
I asked again , this time, out of curiosity , " So you are in love ? "
Though I would feel a pang of jealousy if he says yes , but my boss might get happy if I get a straight answer to this one .
He smiled. Me too . And said , " Till I'm not done with the definition of love , I can't get close to it. I guess I'll take my own time figuring things out. "

And I took it to be a no. 

" ok Riyaan. Thank you for all this time. I am enlightened by your presence. Hope your next book comes out soon. We're desperately waiting !! " and wondered if I'm sounding fake after my last line.
And he , just smiled, and said " Thank you "

While on my way back I wondered what pleasure it gives people like Riyaan to play with words. Its not like playing with someones mind . But more like playing with your own mind and soul, everytime looking for what you would want , what you have always wanted. And airing them in a way , that your words, no matter how crisp , rude or vulgar , will be adored.

Power will stay in their hands. I feel like the pawn . 
And he did add me on facebook !

P.S - This was pure fiction ! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

BeyOnd ..

There will be no land thereafter 
some years , in some ages
A wandering soul will exist 
Tempted to still , find a land
It would alter things , tangible and intangible
The senses wont work, the touch will not affect
No one dies alone
They take people , places and hearts along
And somehow their memories get sharper
And they are loved beyond the spaces they filled
They are cherished in beady eyes
And with striking love
They are remembered in depth 
like a desired dream
still vivid  six feet under
still breathing in reminiscence
still , ironically , alive  

Friday, October 15, 2010


In silence I move
from my senses to your gleam
And realize what is life now
and what has it always been
I conjure upon thoughts
the ones that will make you mine again
Yes there's a person called God
and with you I feel divine in name
Pardon me of all the rough land
I made you wander through
I just love to see you going
and coming back to my life again
The way you muster about me
secures me in your thoughts again
I feel smitten by a habit
of loving the silence with you
The world takes my words for granted
I'm never sure I'm accepted
And you decipher even the slightest grins
the love of my silence, the end of pain
There will always be a silence
which will convey itself in worthy words
There will always be a part of me
that will love being a muse for the silence to come again
Its the same crescendo in silence
as its in love , as its in life

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Of LitTle PuRpoSe ..

Recently I spent the entire night working on 150 words . I never thought in my life that I would fall short of words. Taking into account the verbose person I am , I could not write one statement of purpose . To all those who don't know the reason why I had to do it , its because of the MBA entrance forms that require it. 
Read some forums at pagalguy. The site is hell useful ! I would love to have a chance to meet one of them personally and let them know , what a cool job they are on !
I thought I would find an appropriate line to begin, but I could not. I was too sleepy to infuse in the quotes, after reading which someone might straight away get a hint that its there just to continue the blah blah !

I finally managed the first paragraph , and send it to one of my friends. And he made me edit it all. 
The irony of the night was this one line of my SOP 
"Being the Editor of my college magazine for the past two years has helped me to gain rich experience in  team building and also to extract my potential as a leader."
Being the editor of my college magazine for the past two years did not teach me how to write a perfect SOP.
Moreover I felt amazed of the fact that someone else is editing my work (not used to it :P )
Its a very different way of selling yourself. Market is sold to the man, but before that man to the market . Somewhere inside I did not like this. Seemed like a sell yourself out show. Being a simple person , I like things to come out in a better sophisticated way . I wonder what these people will do of the Lakhs of SOP's that they will receive.
For the clueless and lost person that I've become lately , I just did not know what do I want , and how will that institute help me. I wonder if they know how exactly they will help me ?
For all they help they can do mine , and I did theirs , I'm not satisfied with this human rating business . Something needs to be done , a statement of purpose will not be as real as the words in it. They surely need to be put to some other good use .
With no quote I ended my SOP. They'll buy me if I'm good enough, lest I can wait for my ratings to go high .

P.S this post was without any purpose !
Thanks for reading

Saturday, October 9, 2010


It was a beautiful page , of memories , blurred by time
Which I made at times, precious and rare

It was a paraphernalia , of things that mattered
flowers that were not old , smelling of the past , still alive in happiness

It was a night of a sudden farewell , and a promise to meet down the journey
For destiny was young and unknown , all that was known was friendship

It was a note of my diary , I always wanted you to read
Because somethings in life , are always a reminiscence
And that too , named as serendipity !

When I rammed into your doors my dear friends
I found love , life and myriad memories !

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AbSoluTely AwAy

There's a cost of disappearing
You loose the bound of the string that connected you to the world before
And the inertia of solitude at times tempts you
To stay in the space , away from the earthy gravity

There is also a cost of appearing
You surrender like a celebrity to the mob
And they pull the silence out of you
And stuff in the clamour again

After some time , you feel as if the space was better
And recursively keep yielding to it , and coming to this magnetic earth

Tonight I feel absolutely away
Near to an esoteric alien !
Entangled still , but above the gravity
And loving this freedom from it

Friday, October 1, 2010

WiLderNesS ....

And the yellow light poured down
in certain intervals
at certain places
To calm down the instinct of this place
The one with wildness as well as solace
Treading breeze lived these silent spaces
accompanied by seasons known and unknown
And tall dark trees gazed upon the existence
Of a heaven on earth
Named as wilderness