Friday, October 15, 2010


In silence I move
from my senses to your gleam
And realize what is life now
and what has it always been
I conjure upon thoughts
the ones that will make you mine again
Yes there's a person called God
and with you I feel divine in name
Pardon me of all the rough land
I made you wander through
I just love to see you going
and coming back to my life again
The way you muster about me
secures me in your thoughts again
I feel smitten by a habit
of loving the silence with you
The world takes my words for granted
I'm never sure I'm accepted
And you decipher even the slightest grins
the love of my silence, the end of pain
There will always be a silence
which will convey itself in worthy words
There will always be a part of me
that will love being a muse for the silence to come again
Its the same crescendo in silence
as its in love , as its in life


  1. Silence is indeed alluring! And that was one excellent portrayal of thoughts, keeping it simple. Very nice post. :)