Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Across his earlobes I could see
People and places , moulds and traces

carefully sketched their intricacies
They rejoiced in meanings , worldly it seemed

I caught a man lying on phone
Infidelity rubbed his dim face

And saw a woman vying for peace
trying so hard to wait in this chase

Life was hard on the one at the bench
A tear dropped trickled on his knee

And a baby endlessly cried
His grown up representation smiling at me

And a humble rockstar observing
His guitar , its strings, strumming endlessly

The chin down on right
released some smoke

And she took the footpath
the road wasn't free

The road wasn't like perhaps
what these people wanted

so they were enjoying being human
enjoying the unlucky journey

Some people , beautiful in imperfection .

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