Saturday, October 30, 2010

ThE FaLL ..

Falls the summer , into the winters arms
Carefully ceases its warmth and sunshine
To summon the next season
Yields it's magic into the winters charm

The fall of the sun as its sunshine
Of the ice as its , cold water
Of the dew , as the awaited drop
Of the leaves , as if made for the ground

The fall of people , in truth
The fall in faith , in the vicious lie
The fall of the night after dawn
The fall of human, after its mortal life

Bends every leaf , to kiss the ground
When the autumn falls , are by your side
Dresses the earth in all the hues I know
Falls the spring, leaving the grey's behind

Falls the white , and disappears to black
Falls my eyelids , upon a shy smile
Falls above the God , the earthy reasons sometimes
Falls His take as a fact  , He's taken a myth at times

Falls every rise , to rise again and fall 
Falls every notion , to morph according to the changing time

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