Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Of LitTle PuRpoSe ..

Recently I spent the entire night working on 150 words . I never thought in my life that I would fall short of words. Taking into account the verbose person I am , I could not write one statement of purpose . To all those who don't know the reason why I had to do it , its because of the MBA entrance forms that require it. 
Read some forums at pagalguy. The site is hell useful ! I would love to have a chance to meet one of them personally and let them know , what a cool job they are on !
I thought I would find an appropriate line to begin, but I could not. I was too sleepy to infuse in the quotes, after reading which someone might straight away get a hint that its there just to continue the blah blah !

I finally managed the first paragraph , and send it to one of my friends. And he made me edit it all. 
The irony of the night was this one line of my SOP 
"Being the Editor of my college magazine for the past two years has helped me to gain rich experience in  team building and also to extract my potential as a leader."
Being the editor of my college magazine for the past two years did not teach me how to write a perfect SOP.
Moreover I felt amazed of the fact that someone else is editing my work (not used to it :P )
Its a very different way of selling yourself. Market is sold to the man, but before that man to the market . Somewhere inside I did not like this. Seemed like a sell yourself out show. Being a simple person , I like things to come out in a better sophisticated way . I wonder what these people will do of the Lakhs of SOP's that they will receive.
For the clueless and lost person that I've become lately , I just did not know what do I want , and how will that institute help me. I wonder if they know how exactly they will help me ?
For all they help they can do mine , and I did theirs , I'm not satisfied with this human rating business . Something needs to be done , a statement of purpose will not be as real as the words in it. They surely need to be put to some other good use .
With no quote I ended my SOP. They'll buy me if I'm good enough, lest I can wait for my ratings to go high .

P.S this post was without any purpose !
Thanks for reading

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  1. FINALLY a post in the esoteric world simple enough so that i could understand !! And boy am i delighted reading it :) !!
    The way i see it, SOPs might be a waste for the college/company but writing them can really be a good soul searching process and provide you answers to a lot of common interview questions !