Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well you feel the urge to plunge out hell lot of things. To write relieves it all. When you pen down ten things that you mind, your mind gets clear ! I have not faced peace since a long time, when you don’t get a thing for long, you want to run away, but that’s after you cant survive that pace. Well the pace would make you fall often . You will have skinned knees , and broken hearts. Lets decide to grow up, I think its time. To face the odds, you need self, and self motivation. You need to have yourself with you atleast. That’s your permanent support you see!
If you are still wondering why I’m telling this to you when you’re not even concerned with me. Im the selfish blogger , blame it on me ;)
This is another end of a year. I thought this would be peace, like I wished it the last time a few months ago, but then , this was not granted. I had to push myself through this time . Its okay !! okay !!
Chill !! ditch !!
This is the time of my life. I feel success within and the urge for a change. Im happy. When I’m writing . and to write about peace, bantaa hai ;)
I’m a troubled religion
And a perturbed region
I wont come if you wish to run behind
I will come when you sit and ponder
Whats on your mind, is it fine ?
You tend to get troubled
When I’m away and sinful
I bewitched you , the magnet
Sell me your soul
I’m not as angel as my name
Not meaningful as the same
I cause turmoil when about to come
Fury to some, hatred to some
Just when you catch fire in the rage
I come as a peace, after the pain !


  1. Another superb one! N what better topic to write about than peace! When that's what you seek by letting go of thoughts stuck in your mind! Brilliantly done! :)

  2. lyked * i come as a peace , after the pain*....

  3. thank u all fr reading !!! :)