Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tomorrow of a kind

a dream of a kind
In the gallows , admist the shadows
I feel the urge to run and stay
I feel the urge to find a way

Another world it is
Esoteric and deep
I want the enough to satisfy somehow
I want the hint to get rid of it now

A pace which goes dictated
Go fast , I cant take it
I want you to perturb me seldom that you do
I want you to know the pain you put through

A belief I’ll sail through
The time is tuff its stated
I want it to vanish the grieves of today
I want it to pinch me with a future, a tomorrow

A step up in the down
A reason of the same
I want to counter the shackles that are there
I want to have some rest for the chase of tomorrow

A wish of a kind
A life in the mind
I want you to curse the poison in there
I want a life , today and tomorrow


  1. That was a refreshing one! The flow was so natural!
    Just brilliant!

  2. Hey nice one again... :)
    was just playing with first few words of each stanza.... nd i got something:

    a dream... a world... a pace
    is something you can't replace...

    a belief... a step... a wish..
    for something you wanna acomplish...

    an aim... a life... a chance...
    of achieving it at the right time... if not in advance....


  3. perfect :)) wonderful dear !! loved it :)
    n thnx fr readng ! :)

  4. ...whoa! "perfect"? thaankuuuu
    Well.. i'm just a beginner at this..

  5. u dnt seem so though !! :)