Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dark As EveR..

28th of April 2010
And I feel weird when I write this ... Its because it was a very unusual night. Or rather morning. It was around 4:15 when my room mate, after giving second thoughts woke me up. And what I heard destroyed my sleep. I heard there was some Black magic stuff right outside the room. Well being a rational person, drifting and paying attention to such thoughts will sound useless , but then I was scared. I am human enough to admit what I feel.
The reason why I felt like sharing this incident is because, there is a lot of strength in darkness. And I realized it today morning . Not only it scared me to the core, but it did others also. What was more scary was that , why on earth would someone play such a prank,if it is. or do such a thing. Intentions seemed misplaced somewhere.
When I ponder about the fears and speculations involved, I laugh at myself for paying heed to such thoughts but then when fear takes over you, and you feel the darkness spill over - just remember, you're as intact as you were, so restore the cool thoughts, and stay the same way .
to fear is human, and to conquer is human too.
have a good night !


  1. "to fear is human, and to conquer is human too"
    Thnx for reminding.. :)

    btw.. was it a prank or some serious stuff?

  2. U cud have uploaded a pic of the stuff tht was thr! Wud be intrstin to see wht does it luk lyk! u mind?

  3. well i dint click it !! :|
    i said i was scared naaaa !! :)