Friday, February 26, 2010

Come As U aRe...

This is one title I found on some other blog...It somehow caught my attention....and kept catching it...I feel obsessed with the word you !! ...thats quite funny....that lady writes amazing and her words...though very few that she uses...deliver some kind of a story in themselves.....i dont want to try and be like her...but i do want to write on this it goes....ive a widow in my mind as i write it YOU may now read on.... :)

come as you are
the winds are racing through my hair
I stand closed near the open window
open up some pieces of my closed fate from above

I gathered the courage to race through the time
they said it wont be easy without you
come as something that gives them no words
come as a rise...I'm falling apart

I ask Him at times why me ?
He says its a testing span crossing by
be my shelter through these roads..
come as a way..a new way to life...

I had troubles facing the adversities alone...
lonely was expected ...helpless was worst...
come as a song that makes me falls asleep
I'm tired of counting the shooting stars...

I dont need you because I can't survive
I need you to stop others from nagging me all the time
come as you are...come as you were
come as something never taken apart...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hold the RaiNs...

hold the rains in your palms..
let them not slip through time...
I see the clouds falling apart...
and they gather storm as they unwind

let the partitions stich in the sky..
they'll damage my world I knw..
I know I cant hold much of the drops..
but how do I let them fall

I shiver with the chill of pain they spread..
let the sun shine in width...
I need some warmth of this falling sky
tired of helpless drops falling by

I need some shelter for them ..
to drop and drip by a safe side..
to me and to u this sky is new..
it has mended moments many a times....

they'll slip thru my hands..
slip thru my life..
holding them in vain..
they 'll slip thru my eyes..

hold the rains in ur palms tonight...

Monday, February 8, 2010

on the roads lie my belongings ....

I was meant to rule kingdoms
And sway people off their feet
I am now drenched in a faint question
How do I resolve life further ?
I was applauded by the audience
Under the shade of the banyan tree
I am paranoid about people now
How much more they will harm me?
There was a sun promised on this hillside
I am getting all dead in burns
I need a lot to lighten
And held my strength firm
As if my child is sinking
Right before my eyes
Something sharp paining
Skin deep and I still have to be fine
All I needed was money
To shatter my goals and help me
To run away from this place
It was a mirror of gold
And very soon my urge broke
I am still struggling days
And managing nights under lamp posts
I cry a tear every night
While praying God for peace of  this earth
letting turmoil inside me slip through the eye lids
letting dreams still beam under Gods oblivious hope
I had this journey planned
And everything has turned fragile
This journey wrote for me
these roads and belonging here for a while...