Monday, February 8, 2010

on the roads lie my belongings ....

I was meant to rule kingdoms
And sway people off their feet
I am now drenched in a faint question
How do I resolve life further ?
I was applauded by the audience
Under the shade of the banyan tree
I am paranoid about people now
How much more they will harm me?
There was a sun promised on this hillside
I am getting all dead in burns
I need a lot to lighten
And held my strength firm
As if my child is sinking
Right before my eyes
Something sharp paining
Skin deep and I still have to be fine
All I needed was money
To shatter my goals and help me
To run away from this place
It was a mirror of gold
And very soon my urge broke
I am still struggling days
And managing nights under lamp posts
I cry a tear every night
While praying God for peace of  this earth
letting turmoil inside me slip through the eye lids
letting dreams still beam under Gods oblivious hope
I had this journey planned
And everything has turned fragile
This journey wrote for me
these roads and belonging here for a while...


  1. A Real touching piece of writing ! Very well written and very soothing !! Beautiful words !!

  2. thank u so much !! thanks for reading :)