Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hold the RaiNs...

hold the rains in your palms..
let them not slip through time...
I see the clouds falling apart...
and they gather storm as they unwind

let the partitions stich in the sky..
they'll damage my world I knw..
I know I cant hold much of the drops..
but how do I let them fall

I shiver with the chill of pain they spread..
let the sun shine in width...
I need some warmth of this falling sky
tired of helpless drops falling by

I need some shelter for them ..
to drop and drip by a safe side..
to me and to u this sky is new..
it has mended moments many a times....

they'll slip thru my hands..
slip thru my life..
holding them in vain..
they 'll slip thru my eyes..

hold the rains in ur palms tonight...


  1. live it today....tomorrow it ll be neither urs nor ll be mine....!!!
    awesome lens... :)