Monday, March 14, 2011

SouL - CuRRy ..

My absence from my blog has been disappointing for me . I once started feeling I can no longer write. Foods for thought somehow betrayed me and I became extensively unclear with everything associated with me.
I lately turned out to be a photography lover , insanely foraging for pictures , to find that one perfect click that would make me fall in for. Fall in a way that I write again.
I also traveled places , of which very few people know :)
I was busy editing stuff , editing a thing that I want to turn out beautiful .
But then unclear still laid the mind , and today a thought crossed the crazy old forbidden lane .
I was looking at pictures . Of people I know since I happened in this world.
There is this weird thing that takes place in our journey.
Most of us are super cute as babies. Chubby cheeks , big broad eyes , calm of sleep and consistent in laughter.
Apart from some child-like creepy habits , we are all incredulous and loved .
 And our picture , no matter how silly , is always perfect.
And then we grow up and teenage takes over . And we loose the broad eyes and chubby cheeks and tend to rather flinch from that look. We follow popular patterns , grow pretentious , turn obsessed with some or the other useless kind of fashion ( rock , punk , pop or whatever ) and end up loosing our identity.
Then we enter our 20's and rediscover ourselves. We detach from forces that made soul wear things that caused discomfort . We switch roles , back to what we were . Though in a bad shape , our nature tries to battle what it went through and attempts a recovery.
We then gain beauty that is fragile and vulnerable to changes . We think more now , a part of a pure self . We tend to share less , a part of the years that went by , years in which we were torn in between righteousnesses and madness . We grow up , from a baby soul to a soul that understands what it went through. More over , we return partially to what we were .
What makes us now picture perfect , is the calm once lost , the laughter once inane and the love of people whom we know, regained.
So when the next time you think you aren't looking sufficiently beautiful . Think , did something fake struck you ? Did you think of harming the soul ?
Let the curry cook . Once its done , it will taste amazing . Thinking is indeed, food for the soul.
 The soul curry was gulped . And I liked it :)

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