Monday, March 14, 2011

wiLL they Sail through ?

The sunshine dropped on them like a whim
And they emerged white and lovely
unperturbed by the fall of yellow
Blooming in the ubiquitous light

He clinched them tightly, close and high
Meant for an apology , they rested outside the door
Cluttered in his hands ,for the disappointed lady 
Inside the door she resided, outside they lay counted

Priced in quantity , priceless because of the cause
Fault lies in between the two humans
And the plucked daisies bear the task
Of acceptance or rejection , taken or thrown 

Till he wonders how will the story be , once he knocks
She waits and ponders , how will he make up for it
The daisies might suffocate outside the door
And the fragrance might die , before it does the magic

Where will they bury the essence then ?
Who will apologize for the dead daisies ?

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