Thursday, May 6, 2010

cOloUr StOlen fRom tHe RaiNboW

It did rain...and I did absorb....

A secret or two
Just trying to mend certain constant blue's
Shaded were some regions of this life
Making its drama small and bearable
The 7 odd colour's I found at a place
Had hundred odd reasons to steal them away
Its time I paint you, my white sky
Just when you find colour's stolen from the rainbow
Blame it on me.... I'm the selfish painter !


  1. "Blame it on me... I'm the selfish painter !"
    Terming the painter as selfish was such a novel idea! Brilliant! nice post!

  2. well... i have a doubt on this one...
    what exactly is the secret?...
    is it that the sky's trying to maintain the constant blue..?
    or is the secret is that the selfish painter has stolen the colors missing from rainbow??

    No doubt the post is again.. going with the flow and... just awesome...

  3. the secrets are tryng and forcing the person to remain into the sad phase "blue that is"
    so the person resorts to the rainbow for colours...and paints the white sky the wanted way !

  4. great use of words...interesting!!!