Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a LaDy By the Side !

This post comes to all the ladies I know... and my self too !! :)
I always say motivation is self..and that's what inspired me to write this one... I have written on human spirits and zeal...and the survivor in us...but never about the lady we all know.. the woman in us...I never wrote on the spirit of a woman.. here it goes.. 

I am me
Magic of a kind
I am addiction in perspective
Music of the mind
I am laughter for the soul
Kindle up a little
I am a death for the mean
Yes I know you are so green
I am pump of the joy
Suffice me with smiles
Trace me on a paper
Pour me in the bottle
I am jump of the reaction
I am the salt and the spice
I am sillier in action
Melted in a smile
I am beautiful in my own ways
Diverse in kind
I am hatred in the crowd
Seed of the jealousy
I am poison and the cure
Trust me I have a legacy
I am silence of the noise
And at times its source
I am catering to whatever
You think you’re close
I can peep into your mind
Often that you would know
I am the lady by your side
Lady that you know, this name on your mind ! ;)


  1. I wonder if the cud be a better piece of literature celebrating the spirit of woman!
    That was just so brilliant! Womankind was indeed lucky that you were born a woman! ;)

  2. oh my !! :) huge wrds !! :)
    thanx a lot fr appreciating :)

  3. Welcome.. :)
    n not huge words.. Truly felt words! ;)

  4. so true...
    so beautiful...
    every emotion.. feeling..
    nothing is left out...
    all that is written ... is true...
    its perfect...
    how do u do that ,sakshi?
    how does this come... this flow...

  5. hehe cluelessness of a kind ;)
    thnx fr those wrds!

  6. you deserve better words... ;)
    my vocabulary is weak... u see..

  7. hehe nahh ree !! :)
    u made my day :)

  8. amazing words down d line...... :)
    keep rockng everbdy's mind.... ;)

  9. hehe.. wah wah !! kya baat hai !! :) :P
    thanx bond !