Thursday, May 13, 2010


Beauty is contagious
Its serenity is a bound
When I think of beauty
Its intensity simply surrounds
Too fragile it seems at times
At times it burns with the blue flame of jealousy
Vanity it suffices, mind it blocks
Further when disclosed, hearts it locks
It begs of a desire of freedom sometimes
Beauty not just bounds the beautiful
It chains the one entitled too
I committed a morbid crime
I loved the peace of beauty
It ditched me while I was praising
Some other somewhere , Another of its kind
It has a green mean power
It lends you a heart and breaks it soon
Beauty when desired, beautifully kisses you
Beauty when denied, beautiful becomes you
Look above this beauty , beautiful have been you.


  1. awesome description of beauty....

  2. Very nice! worth the wait! :)

  3. @ lincoln thank u for reading

    @ chandan thanx !! :)