Monday, September 27, 2010

NoThing ...

I curl up near nothingness

And try to sum up my differences here
I want to fight with these words
They envisage so easily what are wants 
What I do call , fears

Everything might not get enough ears
So I try and enclose it , into one word called nothing
Also I do fear getting disclosed
Am I open enough ? Am I worth knowing ?

I surrender under this urge 
To gather again and resume
From no one , to new
new to me , new to you

And the silence takes over
The best part , it sinks in slow
It sips in like unwanted love
I wish it knew , I'm not to be owned

Its sublime peace was desired
Its rented separation was not
Free me of this trap of words
Let me pen down in parts 
the verse of a bereft silence 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Devil's eye...

And she wore all hues of a carefully designed devil
adoring it like the purest cloak
She did not retort being hated for her sins
Nor cared about her perishing purity
All she knew , was that there was a 'like' devil
who conspired and took her goodness all away
Discarded she felt , when the white turned black
And the earth repudiated her golden grace

She decided to win over the world by her now immortal rage
Another devil she was ,  some other devil's made

There was no reason for me ,to have faith in her thorned heart
Till she came close , and I found a guilty pearl
In the corner of her eyes

Blurred by confession , visible because of pain

Saturday, September 18, 2010

DePenDencies !

And he wanted to say , the words that she would always want to hear.
He knew he has had a million chances before, but he wanted to happen this time.
He gauged his surroundings , more to check can he actually see anything despite her now a days ?

And in vain he smiled , and said a few worthy words.
She smiled and said , " you have to answer this one , to make me yours forever "

He agreed . Yielded again .

She asked , " There are dependencies in love , and love towards certain dependencies . Which one of them do you think you belong ? "

Came close, she ignored .

He smiled . This time not in vain 

Whispered  , " I always thought I'm in love with a dependency , your presence was something that I was dependent on , until it affected me right now, when you ignored my presence.  "

She smiled . As someone stolen!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Of LifE anD liEs aNd BeTwEen tHe LiNes ..

Of life and lies and between the lines only
tales pampered and truths mocked
the bubble bursts when veracity mounts
a hypnotic vision of sand castles only

Of a black and a white scaled always grey
cheated in quotes , cheated in prayers
the people , less true and in abundance faux
a fair play , a play only

Of tranquil easy in sudden sins only
like the smoke ruffles , he enjoys solely
and toys around with the rings
as if circling his entire city

Of purity , peace and wisdom
widely read in books, told in every page
and no faith in its clout
breathing deceptions only

Of an unfaithful God’s child
remembers Him , when places get undefined
measures in power, if He makes his game
gulps its pleasures , thereafter himself only

Of living on the edge , again after falling
fear that takes over , keeps timely mourning
late comes the courage and then he realizes
its never in his hands written , its mind’s only

Of a rowdy crowd that pushes people behind
and some sneak into any depths to reach the zenith
ponder over what’s a win
its after all a real world, with realistic wins, not virtual only

Of virtues and morals ,immortals that were
confines only to the pages of the stories
She said they will take one a long way
the way is still long , but people take shortcuts only

Of love , living and bitter betrayals
choose all of the If’s wisely !
for a picture might not be perfect
but its the one in your hand, only

Of the memories and remembrance these pictures have
They come alive at some pensive moments
bring to you some left past
some adored present still , stolen from time only

Of life , its lies and its truths
the entire story , in just words
Its all that I have to give it to you
All that I call mine, only !

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little !

Not every big thing is exclusive.
There are eyes , smiles , butterflies , life , pleasure , and sins.
All are small , with inverse impacts than their size !
They have the clout to govern and make us yield .
To what one would call addiction.
They are culpable of causing small wonders, causing life happen in sudden trifling details of people and things.
I wonder what it will be to witness one small thing that will give this realization .
I feel I just did. Made my small day :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

TraNce ...

And my heart thumps with the sharp music
I feel my veins jumping off my soul
I feel caught in the crescendo
I feel trapped in my boots
in my want to step up the selfless  ground
and sometimes envisage music taking over
the shadows wanting the space
to release from the souls
they feel the urge to go beyond
the constraints , the binding force
to wander in the beats , in the pop of my favourite instrument
with the flute I can play around with
my want to surrender to the trance at times
to swing carefully like the piano keys
and when I see the stage I feel the rush to make it mine
as the trance has been forever with me
and I love belonging to it at my random moments
I again feel caught , in the urge to yield myself !

Monday, September 6, 2010

AnoTheR rIgHt PlAce ...

I almost thought someone pushed me from heaven 
And I landed up in a earthy place
I felt the heat , or say the warmth 
I had yet to find that place to grace
The Gods gave me some gasps of initial oxygen
And I reached a translucent place
I opened my eyes, a bubble in my sky
In a few moments that I never knew how to measure
I landed up in another place
I could feel the heat , or say the warmth
A place where all people grace
I was clothed with certain discomfort
Till I reached hands bigger than mine
I could now see the eyes longing for me
Eyes longing for her miniature face
I resembled two people in this earthy place
both with eyes wet and hands firm
It felt like heaven again , another right place !

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Doesnt WanE..

Rivers, Rain , Weather , Glaciers , Mountains , Emotions , Love and Life wanes.

Priceless things fight to win perceptions in their favour. And the other suffice by their mediocrity .
I wonder how big a deal is to make your presence felt and touch the lives of people who want you... and if there is no deal.. then why does waning of things effect...

The pen in my hand wants a few good words.. and is disappointed as I'm doing no good to its ink.. He feels I'm selfish , and he is selfless. For everytime I need him to pour down my entire atmosphere, like a sand that pours down leaving some traces behind you cant easily shrug off.

I hope its ink does not wane, for above all I need a pen atleast !
Im happy being neither priceless , nor mediocre ...
The very though of running for my own things scares me...
If they do not belong to me... I can be happy belonging to them...
No its not compromise... Its having the sand I always wanted in my hands... !

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Like SilEncE

I cant hush your motion towards me
I would do that when you plan to go away
with silent eyes I can stop you to move away
and make my land lost in wilderness 
I could tread no land without those mischievous eyes
I need them as a reason to open mine at times
I could see no space filled with things
Till it had the two of us in it
Insanity runs through me when I see your dark eyes
And I know then whats to loose
and love to never find
What magic will those three words do to my world
When its already been iterated , in all the blinks and smiles?
I fear you'll vanish on my touch
or turn to smoke and leave me unrested
Arrest me I surrender , under those silent moments
I'm culpable of being verbose in your silence space
I love to be prisoned in the closed and opened eyes
Silent is the love, and I feel loved beyond times!