Thursday, September 2, 2010

Like SilEncE

I cant hush your motion towards me
I would do that when you plan to go away
with silent eyes I can stop you to move away
and make my land lost in wilderness 
I could tread no land without those mischievous eyes
I need them as a reason to open mine at times
I could see no space filled with things
Till it had the two of us in it
Insanity runs through me when I see your dark eyes
And I know then whats to loose
and love to never find
What magic will those three words do to my world
When its already been iterated , in all the blinks and smiles?
I fear you'll vanish on my touch
or turn to smoke and leave me unrested
Arrest me I surrender , under those silent moments
I'm culpable of being verbose in your silence space
I love to be prisoned in the closed and opened eyes
Silent is the love, and I feel loved beyond times!


  1. To pen down love into a peom isnt easy..but still sakshi its a sweet attempt :)

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  3. Silence could have never been any better!
    If this is it's magic, No comment from me! Let Silence speak for itself! :)

  4. @himanshu thnx fr the comments
    @rashmiranjan007 whats the esoteric comment ?
    @chandan let is do so for sure ! :)