Monday, September 6, 2010

AnoTheR rIgHt PlAce ...

I almost thought someone pushed me from heaven 
And I landed up in a earthy place
I felt the heat , or say the warmth 
I had yet to find that place to grace
The Gods gave me some gasps of initial oxygen
And I reached a translucent place
I opened my eyes, a bubble in my sky
In a few moments that I never knew how to measure
I landed up in another place
I could feel the heat , or say the warmth
A place where all people grace
I was clothed with certain discomfort
Till I reached hands bigger than mine
I could now see the eyes longing for me
Eyes longing for her miniature face
I resembled two people in this earthy place
both with eyes wet and hands firm
It felt like heaven again , another right place !

1 comment:

  1. A very good idea.. Even better thoughts.. And the best possible end! Loved the post! :)