Thursday, September 16, 2010

Of LifE anD liEs aNd BeTwEen tHe LiNes ..

Of life and lies and between the lines only
tales pampered and truths mocked
the bubble bursts when veracity mounts
a hypnotic vision of sand castles only

Of a black and a white scaled always grey
cheated in quotes , cheated in prayers
the people , less true and in abundance faux
a fair play , a play only

Of tranquil easy in sudden sins only
like the smoke ruffles , he enjoys solely
and toys around with the rings
as if circling his entire city

Of purity , peace and wisdom
widely read in books, told in every page
and no faith in its clout
breathing deceptions only

Of an unfaithful God’s child
remembers Him , when places get undefined
measures in power, if He makes his game
gulps its pleasures , thereafter himself only

Of living on the edge , again after falling
fear that takes over , keeps timely mourning
late comes the courage and then he realizes
its never in his hands written , its mind’s only

Of a rowdy crowd that pushes people behind
and some sneak into any depths to reach the zenith
ponder over what’s a win
its after all a real world, with realistic wins, not virtual only

Of virtues and morals ,immortals that were
confines only to the pages of the stories
She said they will take one a long way
the way is still long , but people take shortcuts only

Of love , living and bitter betrayals
choose all of the If’s wisely !
for a picture might not be perfect
but its the one in your hand, only

Of the memories and remembrance these pictures have
They come alive at some pensive moments
bring to you some left past
some adored present still , stolen from time only

Of life , its lies and its truths
the entire story , in just words
Its all that I have to give it to you
All that I call mine, only !


  1. This one goes straight into the "Brilliant" category.. Deep thoughts n excellent portrayal! Brilliant indeed!

  2. thanx chandan ! :)
    but u cn stop being partial ;)