Monday, September 27, 2010

NoThing ...

I curl up near nothingness

And try to sum up my differences here
I want to fight with these words
They envisage so easily what are wants 
What I do call , fears

Everything might not get enough ears
So I try and enclose it , into one word called nothing
Also I do fear getting disclosed
Am I open enough ? Am I worth knowing ?

I surrender under this urge 
To gather again and resume
From no one , to new
new to me , new to you

And the silence takes over
The best part , it sinks in slow
It sips in like unwanted love
I wish it knew , I'm not to be owned

Its sublime peace was desired
Its rented separation was not
Free me of this trap of words
Let me pen down in parts 
the verse of a bereft silence 


  1. Strange are the ways in which silence works! Nicely carved! Sheer brilliance again.