Saturday, September 4, 2010

Doesnt WanE..

Rivers, Rain , Weather , Glaciers , Mountains , Emotions , Love and Life wanes.

Priceless things fight to win perceptions in their favour. And the other suffice by their mediocrity .
I wonder how big a deal is to make your presence felt and touch the lives of people who want you... and if there is no deal.. then why does waning of things effect...

The pen in my hand wants a few good words.. and is disappointed as I'm doing no good to its ink.. He feels I'm selfish , and he is selfless. For everytime I need him to pour down my entire atmosphere, like a sand that pours down leaving some traces behind you cant easily shrug off.

I hope its ink does not wane, for above all I need a pen atleast !
Im happy being neither priceless , nor mediocre ...
The very though of running for my own things scares me...
If they do not belong to me... I can be happy belonging to them...
No its not compromise... Its having the sand I always wanted in my hands... !

1 comment:

  1. Everything wanes! True! The best and the worst moments- They'll all fade.. That's where the beauty of the concept lies!
    Anyways, You'll always have the pen.. The selfless thing won't wane unless you decide otherwise! Nice it has survived all this while! :) People like me have been getting our share of words!