Saturday, September 11, 2010

TraNce ...

And my heart thumps with the sharp music
I feel my veins jumping off my soul
I feel caught in the crescendo
I feel trapped in my boots
in my want to step up the selfless  ground
and sometimes envisage music taking over
the shadows wanting the space
to release from the souls
they feel the urge to go beyond
the constraints , the binding force
to wander in the beats , in the pop of my favourite instrument
with the flute I can play around with
my want to surrender to the trance at times
to swing carefully like the piano keys
and when I see the stage I feel the rush to make it mine
as the trance has been forever with me
and I love belonging to it at my random moments
I again feel caught , in the urge to yield myself !


  1. A cool one! The Trance is all yours.. Lose yourself! No explicit mention of the guitar, though! Sad! :P