Friday, August 27, 2010

Courtesy NeeDs ..

The wind can caress my hair
Unlike it turmoils the storm
Need is different of the cloud and my comfort
settles in little times in which I claim to belong

The sound can soothe my day
Or create a mayhem never expected
Its necessity is different , in my name
a mob or a group can be the two names

The wait for longing will end or not
Or the wait is rather worth or not
I can watch the sunset even at dawn
need is different , for me and for all

The purity might vanish in the smoke of my rage
I might be ignorant towards my patient ways
The rain can wane my thirst to some extent
Needs are different for me and you
you might take a thing as dope
and I can call the same
as your name !

For the stories on needs told to me.. I feel there's nothing more needful.. than desiring a thing that you hated in  past !


  1. very true..
    n u trapped it very well boss..

  2. Needs will always be subjective! But if the purity exists at all, It never vanishes, Though, might get diluted at times!
    Esoteric this post is! But It's really nice.. Great work! Keep up! :)

  3. @shambhavi thnx baby!

    @chandan I knw.. needs are now subjective.. :) i never knew it before ! :) thnx to u

  4. umm..."u might take a thing as dope and i can call the same as your name" subjectivity portrayed beautifully :) good work sakshi.. !!

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