Friday, August 20, 2010

The running destination

With each tree pass
I saw my life reach another destination
Each person that passed my window
Seemed like a destined stranger

Of all the sounds that wanted to connect
Of people offering
And people denying
The truth seemed as vague as the distant road
To the destination , I was someone unknown

And sometimes it seems a caressed dream
Sometimes a thing beyond my reach
The sun sometimes gave me the darkest times
And sometimes rendered me its silk warmth to keep

There's a shining light of that place
That draws me towards it in the black nights and grey days
There's no reason to deny it has its own ways
One running destination and its race away from me 
I will catch it like my own, like sleep catches dreams !


  1. Very nice! From the journey to the destination-The flow was so good! And the racing away destination is all yours. Grab it! :)

  2. life is so versatile, it offers so many things.
    U r like a bird gifted with multiple wings.
    talented like mozart, u r and angel so sweet,
    I m ur earnest fan, waiting to respond whenever u tweet.
    follow ur heart with all of ur desire,
    chase ur dreams with full inner strength and fire.
    keep it up
    lovely post

  3. @chandan thank u so much :)

    @rashmiranjan007 that was a lovely short poem indeed!
    thank u ! :)