Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BirtHday Wish

It isn't easy being around when for someone you love ,when its just night that surrounds
Peace that refuses to sink in, at certain bad temper days
And people still promising you sunshine in the dark , and umbrella in rain
Chocolates when I'm nervous , enough to make them nervous!
With the 21 candles I burn , I wish life to treat me unburnt ... fresh ...
I need to learn still , to grunt , bark , and like humans these days , ignore ...
Gift me a mature T shirt ... If not a bent of mind !

Over with my 21.. there's just one thing I'm clear with.. I still need to grow up.. I'm still into esoteric dreams!!
For all those who bear with me when I'm unbearable 

Thank you !


Sakshi !


  1. U're never unbearable dear... :)
    Have a great b'day.. and may all you need comes to you!
    Love you the way you are...
    ;) You rock!!

  2. intresting portray.
    candid expressions.
    u must be real sweet
    i m a stranger, but loved ur post
    happy bday

  3. This blogosphere so deserved this post ! :)
    Happy birthday!

  4. @ritika .. thank u dear ! for accepting me in my imperfect ways !

    @rashmiranjan007 thank u very much!! :)

    @chandan thank u soo much !