Sunday, November 8, 2009

sTrAiGhT EdgE ...

I would never define how obvious is the unexpected these days, how magnificently welcome is something “out of the box” or rather I must say “something not made for the box” , how cliché it is to think straight and how fondered to go about crank . There could be dimensions to what I just mentioned. Take it just as a pie slice . The key is to stay happy , to stay content , and about the diversions the happy and content part has ,from being ethical , moral or to fall within the purview of being accepted.
If you’re still not getting what I intend to say, I’ll be more precise . Think of legalization of 377 , a widespread debate in a country like ours , still lead to the conclusion , countering the laws of the nature as propagated, that a man and a man or the similar case with the bearers of opposite sex can be together. Choices as I mentioned, no longer depend on morality , being right or wrong . They rather depend on the fact “ do you dare “ . You would ask what is there to be dared about . Its a thing as simple as this, that do you dare to punch in block letter, in your mind, the facts, the activities , the ones divulging from what you could have called hysterical , those like that came up, and those that are yet to. The choice is to let know, that there are certain privileges accustomed to you, and so are you to them, and barring you from them won’t be of any good to anyone. For privacy is always private , and so have become choices.
Not just keeping in mind the 377 ordeal, there have been myriad of this kind , like the talks about marijuana legalization. All come close to the recital that no matter what the perception is, changing the course is now a habit of the game, not just a part of it . Be it indulging in drug intake, lying , having a split personality , indulging in act with someone whom you have know just for that night , a visitor called from laying off a few bucks , all these issues are now a normalized version of lives, some close to you, some far-fetched , but they are. As plain and as simple , there is not just an attempt to break the shackles , its an outrage , one that would continue for years to come, one that won’t rest , for it is termed tranquillity for some.
So whenever you have a doubt about what side to go by and what not, just remember , choices now are personal , say it legalized to be personal . Good , bad , cliché, weird , made up , they are of your own. To keep up on the good side, there needs to be a demarcation and cognizance of what the bad side talks about. The edge as we see, is no longer straight . Nor are any of us, who bragged about it. The edge has grown wicked in its own diverse sense and versions making our path pitching over and our destinies void .


  1. nice & very thoughtful..wld hve 2 read a few more times though to get the full hang of it !

  2. " choices now are personal", "The edge as we see, is no longer straight",....
    what marks this (sudden?)change in era that u talk abt.? is it the 377 ordeal?

  3. yes and a lot many thngs....that ppl now a days nvr refer to the perceptions of the otr ppl nearby them...they go by their own ways...thaks fr reading the blog :)