Friday, November 27, 2009

UnperTeRbed & UnDonE

With thoughts floating around
I sit touched on the ground
I have a million things to do
I’m bounded , I know , I’m sound

There were words left said
And words you need to know
Words that sailed through
And words that drowned before I let them go

There were musings of my own
I always have them close
I abide by their certain ways
They breach rules often , more then I know

Then there were actions
That kindled and moved souls
Caressed my hunger of thoughts
And caused some more to follow

With heights that I attain
Even while settled low
I could engrave emotions
Minding all within, and all those meant to throw

I have around me
People , sage and devils ,therein
Its actions that checked the moves
And moves that lead me to know

I chase things I wanted
And get rid of those that chase me
For all they do is cage a person
Let me go, I am not your own

I thought I would write my mind
But there is one thing that I know
There are still a myriad facets left
Unperturbed and undone
They forever plan to remain so !

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