Friday, July 23, 2010

A guy's diary entry !

Dear diary dude !
I had to add the dude word to avoid being compared to females. I don’t know what makes them so weird . So mushy mushy kinds. I hate this business of care and affection to even the dirty piglet waking on the roadside , or on a rare bird spotted accidentally . I mean give me a break, Look on the person near you , adore his smartness < that is me of course > and flirt ! flirt or at least let flirt !
I’m tired of having those gigs surrounding me ! I landed up in my institute the other day and found two very pretty girls sitting near the reception . And after a second I see them laughing at me..and you ask me why ! Just because I dint cuddle up my notebook like they do always and had it fit into my helmet ... thats not funny .. I cannot hold my notebook like a teddy bear in hand always !
And dont forget the WWW ( world wide weird ) looks they give me at times when I place my shoes on the chair at front . I mean what man !!! what the hell is in those objects thats not in me.. pity on me and give me also some share of your caring looks ... fuc*ing lifeless creatures reducing my scope all the time.
shessshhh I’m a very patient being my diary dude .. But they test your patience like anything !
The last girl friend I was with had zero understanding . Each and every night she would want a loving eulogy , a cuddled up goodnight message.. How will a man handle this much load before sleep.. it should be a mutual goodnight right ? not filling you up with the relationship rules load thing !
I really missed her being human ... being practical as she was when I used to stay away from her !
There is something really wrong with the concept of being in love starts behaving like insane ! Even my phone crashed of her overwhelming love you messages...
And when she would fight with me.. she would expect me to understand her pauses and plays and voice modulations !! God Physics was much easier and communication is so readily acceptable when analog ...then why do these chicks make it digital !!
Though their smiles makes my day .. I mean different smiles on different days ... still they would never understand their importance in my life ...
I gave them ...all of them “you make my day tag” and still they call me insensitive !!
what is being sensitive like ????
what is that which makes their gray matter opposite to real ones?
girls I tell you dude diary ...!!
hope I had a dudet’s diary to make things clear
esoteric they are !


  1. Very nicely done! U've noticed guys in gr8 details! :P But our diaries have better n more noble thngs too. Now I feel lyk checking out a dudette's diary.. I wonder what wud it be like! ;)
    nevertheless.. a very nice post! :)

  2. haha....thank u !! dont worry u cn write one on a dudutte's diary this way u'll learn more too ;)